Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I keep thinking there is something important I have forgotten. Well I even had time for a bit of a nap this afternoon. That should tell all of you I am at last ready for Christmas. Everything is finished, wrapped and ready to load up in the morning. We are off to enjoy the holiday with the rest of our little family. Usually at this time I am still in a fluff about finishing things, wrapping, baking and the like.

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of "a random act of kindness". I was visiting our local animal shelter to drop off a few things. A check as well. I only wish I had more to give to the wonderful animals. Their sad lot in life is none of their doing. People who acted thoughtlessly put them there. I try to help in some small way. OK I digress, one of the helpers at the facility came in and asked if the grey car was mine. Yes indeed, well I had a tire about to be big time flat. This nice young man directed me to a very close garage. ( had no idea there was one where he sent me). In fast fashion the tire was up and the other ones checked. I had out my wallet and offered to pay. NO indeed I was wished a Merry Christmas. This is how life should be. Find someone and do something nice. The joy you will find inside is amazing. It need not be much, perhaps just "would you like to be in front of me in the line?.

My wish for all of you is the very best. If we are warm and fed and most important of all healthy what more can we ask. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Camera is on the charger so the computer took this in my little office. My travel project. A new pair of socks.......

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My how time does fly. I find it hard to believe it has been almost a month since my last post. Well here is my dirty little secret. I have been sewing big time and knitting my fingers to the bone as well. The count to date is: 6 of those fun scarves called either marshmallow or pom pom depending on which brand you purchase. The purple one in the photo is the marshmallow...It is the more expensive of the yarns. Yet still a knitted gift for $10.00 or less and only a few hours of knitting time. It does not get any better. Then there is the soft and cozy brown scarf. That is from "mini mochi " from Crystal Palace. I love this yarn. Here is the wonderful old standby pattern feather and fan over 43 stitches. Great how this yarn shaded and it made a nice long scarf with 2 balls of yarn.
On to the socks. The bright green is called "Irish Spring" for my Irish friend. I got this as part of my sock of the month club membership. The pretty deep blue came from there as well. Then the beaded socks for the little grand daughter. The yarn and beads from my stash and the pattern from the book "Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch". I only did the beads for half of the ribbed cuff then did a turning ridge and turned the cuff down. I like it better. Straight cuffs don't stay up on my little granddaughter.

Then there is the sewing. A night gown for same little grand daughter, and matching pj's for the big brother.
Here is a hint for all of you who sew. When I make elastic waist pants for the grandchildren I use a piece of twill tape in a square at the center back. Makes it so easy for them to put them on the right way.

A Christmas jacket made from a sweatshirt for Lillie. Just cut off the ribbings open up the front and decorate your heart out. I used a ton of hot glue on crystals for stars and tree decorations. Plain old ribbon for the back and the rick rack candy cane.

Then there were 5 fancy chiffon embroidered tutu's for the ballet class. No pictures they have already left here.

Plus 20 little polar fleece hats with the Charlie Brown print for the entire kindergarten as well as the teacher and two helpers.

I am now down to the wire with only the one little sock to finish, and a pair of fingerless gloves. The cookie baking has also started. I may just make it this year.

No matter what holiday you celebrate may yours be very special.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well I have a new favorite thing to knit. Mitered squares. So fast and rewarding. After the two crayon box jackets I thought now what well along comes Melody Johnson of fibermania and she has two of the greatest free patterns on her blog. Neck warmers indeed winter is around the corner. Where I live we had snow now nice weather but more snow to come. Perhaps that hint of cold was to really motivate me. I knit one from the original pattern and now I am nearly finished with the second version. I love them. Now I know that they move along so very fast for me because I have the perfect needles. Yes I am partial to my friends at ChiaoGoo but these 7" needles are just the best for small projects. I have always owned only circular needles and double points but these are the perfect solution for those small things. Perfect for these squares. Not expensive $5.00 and under at the yarn shops. I am having the time of my life. Did a demonstration at the local yarn shop last week and found lots of others excited by this as well. Now I am off to Rochester, NY tomorrow. I will participate in the "Yarn Crawl" I will be doing several demonstrations at My Yarn Boutique, doing my version of the square, some socks with beads and who knows what else. I can hardly wait. If you are in the area come and join us.

Heads up if you live near Jamestown, NY there is the most charming yarn shop coming your way before long. I had a great time with the owner yesterday and will fill you all in on the grand opening when the time comes. Don't you love it when you hear there will be some place new to travel to?

(yes I use my washer top as a photo shop. I seem to get better contrast there than anywhere else) What ever works, works.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My knitting is not progressing as I wish it would. I have spent untold hours trying to find a way not to breathe what this is putting in the air across the street in this very nice residential neighborhood. I have written more letter, made investigations, begged officials and everything I can think of. For three weeks now and it is quite warm here our live has been a living hell. Sore throats etc. you name it. The poor asthma suffers in this community are choking as well.

I don't usually put personal things like this on my blog but I am looking for real help. Local officials just pass the buck. I know out there someone may just have a solution please help me out if you can.

It is 60 degrees outside today and this is what I see when I look out the window of my knitting place.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Been wondering where I have been? Here is the answer. Big time busy. When I attended the Hemlock, NY fiber fest I happened upon a wonderful booth full of shawls. I particularly liked one called River Run. This was the middle of September. Each year I donate a shawl to the local Elf Fund Auction and I decided this one would be perfect. Winding the tencel which was hand dyed was a real a feat unto itself. You need a core of some sort so I started with the core of that bathroom paper we all use. Great idea but it slipped on the ball winder. Then I tried again and in the process had a real mess. Yarn everywhere and tangled like you would not believe. Two days later, I wound it onto the winder plastic core. Then placed that in one of those plastic jars with the hole in the top for yarn. I then knit from this. Worked perfect but I could wind yarn for nothing else during this time. Not really a bad idea. There is a 1000 yards of "thread." One thing held up progress big time and that was a mistake in the 29 stitch edging. I have advised the pattern designer of this so no one else should have to take the hours of ripping and knitting I did.

Then the beads, 1700 the pattern says, seemed like a million to me. Each one placed with a crochet hook. At last I have finished, taken a photo and blocked the shawl. I am now free to return to my Christmas knitting. Now you know what I have been up to.

I finished up last week but did not block until after the grandchildren and dogs went home. I only had 5 dogs in the house for a weekend. Not the time to block a shawl.

Strangest thing is I want to start another one. I do love lace knitting. You really get a lot of knitting for a small amount of money and so rewarding after you block.

Friday, October 16, 2009


When I was first married nearly 50 years ago and we were struggling like most young couples at that time. I would go to the mail box every so often and find an envelope. I would open it and inside would be a nice crisp $100.00 bill. Now in the 60's that was a huge amount. Inside was the sweetest note and it said" "buy something you want but don't need, happy Tuesday". It was from a dear man by the name of Louis who was like an adopted father to me. It started a bit of a tradition in our family. Sometimes in my family we just send little gifts to people and we call them Tuesday gifts no matter what day it is. Is it any wonder my darling grandson is named Louis. Wish he were around today to meet his namesake.

For me yesterday was Tuesday. I received from dear Susie the greatest keeper for my yarn, tools and such you ever saw. Up on a stand (Sammy can't get near the yarn there). I spent the evening getting a bit more organized. How nice. Thanks a million.

I am sharing this because I think it is a wonderful thing to do. Something like the "random acts of kindness thing" There it is for all of you to just pass it on.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


October is breast cancer awareness month. Working for ChiaoGoo I was inspired to create a special dish cloth pattern. Here it is free to copy and share. It goes with the special find a cure needles we make. Make one or more and give as a gift.

1 ball cotton dishcloth yarn.

“Find A Cure” needles. (by ChiaoGoo) size 6

Cast on 40 stitches

Knit 6 rows in garter stitch. (knit every row)

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Knit 5, Purl to the last 5 stitches, Knit 5.

Repeat these two rows 20 times more.

Knit 6 rows, bind off.

Knit ribbon as follows:

Cast on 1 stitch, knit in the front and back of this stitch (2 stitches). Turn, knit in the front and back of the first stitch, knit 1. (3 stitches), Turn. Knit 3. Turn, knit in the front and back of first stitch knit 3 (4 stitches). Knit 56 rows. Knit 2 together, knit 2. Turn, knit across. Knit 2 together, knit 1. Turn knit 1 and fasten off.

Work in ends by separating the yarn in half. Fold ribbon as shown in the picture. Sew down in corner of cloth using the yarn split in half to make sewing easier.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


If any of you remember the "Crayon Box" jacket I posted about 3-19-09 you will remember I was most unhappy with the sleeve. There is a large "gusset" that runs up the underarm. Well lots of thinking and talking with a knitting friend Katie. I have a solution. I waited until the finished sweater to tell all of you. It worked so well. I now want at some point to make an adult version of this jacket. But that must wait until after Christmas. So here now are the instructions for the sleeve for these jackets.

I did not make the sleeve and then sew it in. I started at the first square at the under arm and knit a 17 stitch module as all the body modules are 17 stitches. I worked one square just as on the body up and over the shoulder and down the other side. All these squares of the same size. Then here is the "secret". The secret to row 2 going down the sleeve is to decrease the sleeve modules on this row to 15 stitches. Very easy to do just cast on one less stitch to start and pick up one less on the first square of row 1. That is all there is to it. Each time you need a new row of module squares you will have one less stitch. My final row had only 11 stitches in each row. Then sew up the under arm sleeve and there you have it. I then picked up around the cuff area with double pointed needles worked a bit of garter stitch and bound off. Happy to say the least.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I think this deserves two pictures. The first one is the completed shawl and the second one a close up so you can see the "delicious yarn"

From that wonderful yarn I told you about a few weeks ago here is a shawl. My most favorite pattern to knit. It just seems to flow off the needles. Feather and Fan or old shale what ever name you choose to call it. I used the yarn I got in Buffalo at the Knitting Guild convention. It was one I could not wait to knit. Now it is cold I have a new shawl. I used Cheryl Oberle's pattern from Folk Shawls. I love what the colors did for this. I think if I made it again I would make it wider and shorter but that is neither here or there. Just thought you would like to take a look.

Today was a grand day. I made a sales call in Warren, Pa and met up with two knitting friends from long ago. It was as if Pam and Steph and I had been together daily for all these years. A wonderful lunch, good conversation and a visit to a yarn shop. We had fun talking about the dish rag tag. We are all on different teams. Great contest. It is moving along nicely. I love my team members and I love our name. KNITTING FOOLS. That sure describes me.

We met at Tybout house of crafts is most interesting. Where I stopped to see Pricilla and show her the new items you will shortly be seeing in your yarn shops and here as well. I only wish I had more time to wander about and money to spend. Nice place to stop and see. Cookies, something to drink and just enjoy the company. Absolutely charming.

Now tomorrow I am off to see the grandchildren. One of my great delights in life. I will also be visiting at least 3 more yarn shops. I have some interesting things to show them. Later on I shall share with all of you. ChiaoGoo has new things for knitters and what a treat they are. Always reasonable in price. I like having something so nice to sell to shop owners.

Naturally I am taking along a lot of knitting. We shall see just how much I can get done.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Answers today but no pictures

I received a question today about "what is a module". It is a small section of knitting joined to another thus making a larger item. I don't know if this is the right word for everyone but it is what I call things made in this manner. As to where to get the directions. Well the small strip of left over sock yarn which at some point and don't be in a hurry for this. Will be a stole/shawl. I will be writing up some directions before long. Just not this week or next. To much to do around here. The little jacket is my variation of Chris Bysma's pattern "Crayon Box Jacket" I started with the basic directions and will happily tell you what and how I changed it. Almost finished so please be patient. I will also be letting you all know where and when to find out just what I did that made it a bit different. I have not posted a pattern in a long time so I think soon I shall do this. I am off on a sales trip on Saturday. I will however have computer access will try and work on some patterns for all of you who asked. Keep checking here for the updates.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Oh how I have waited for today. The box arrived from Emily for the start of its journey to the rest of the team. Knitting Fools we have named ourselves. I was getting a bit anxious when our always on time mail man was running a bit late. He arrived and so did the box. The box was a joy to open I found wonderful goodies inside. From dear Emily some beautiful patchwork hand made coasters, and candy. I sat right down with the ball of yarn she included, fixed a cup of coffee and began to knit. I loved every minute of it. Ate candy, drank coffee and knit. A great way to spend the morning. Then it was off to the post office and it is on its way to Martha in Virginia. I included a couple of things for her to enjoy. The box is quite small this year and you really have to squeeze things in but I did it and now I get to sit back and wait and watch the progress. I still do not have it figured out as to how to put the progress "thingie" on this blog but if you check out Yarn Miracle you will find our progress. I shall keep all of you who read this posted.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


At last a few minutes for an update on what is on the needles here. I am absolutely thrilled with the latest from ChiaoGoo, last June at TNNA I put in a request for 7" long straight needles with good points to knit the latest thing I love. MODULES! Imagine how thrilled I was when someone listened to an old knitter. They have arrived! So now I have a couple of new projects in the works. First all those balls of sock yarn left over and what to do with them. Well I took the needles in size 2. (they come in size 1 up to a 10). I cast on 31 stitches and made the first square. Wonderful. Now I will continue to add squares with all the left over sock yarn and I shall have a "sock yarn stole" at some point. Might even write a pattern at some point as I progress. The needles make knitting these little squares pure joy. Light in weight, good balance and nice sharp but not to sharp points. I liked them so much I even have a back up set in case I loose one in my travels. Thank you ChiaoGoo. All this praise from me who owns no straight needles before this with the exception of double points. I am a big fan of circular needles normally.

I am also working on another project but since it is nearly finished will save it for another day.

I have had little time to knit this past week as my sweet grand daughter Lillie has been here and we have been very busy going out to tea. Swimming and eating I lost count of the happy meals. We return her to home tomorrow so she can start kindergarten.

Have a wonderful week end and watch out the dish rag tag boxes hit the mail tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have with out a doubt the most fantastic neighbors a person could wish for. While I was in Buffalo I missed out on Joe's birthday. He is a Penn State graduate and every thing is Penn State there. His wife gave me the idea to make Penn State Bean Bags for their game. Now one would think living in PA finding the fabric would be so very easy. Guess what I had to buy it on ebay and have it shipped from Florida. Makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Now I find that tomorrow I need to make a bag to hold the bags. Now I am off to knit and watch the Buffalo Bills football.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Yesterday I showed you all the yarn from the Buffalo Show. Last night and this morning I worked at warp speed. I wound it all. I wound last night until I just got tired. Can you imagine I wound the two 3 large balls for Lou, each one of these had 420 yards and then I did the jumbo hank. I had 12 balls of yarn from that dandy skein. The big blue Rigoletto. That beauty was 1400 yards. Worst part of all it was too large for the swift and I have two and neither one was big enough. So it meant winding from the back of two chairs, not my favorite way to wind. However if you do not have a swift this works quite nicely. By using two chairs and placing the hang around both you can adjust the size and the yarn stays at the top of the chair backs. Huge improvement over it dropping down by the seat.

The second yarn in the multi and also the green is for me. Those 4 hanks had 420 yards in each. Enough of this winding stuff. Now to knit a bit.

What am I making you ask. Well I am really into this modular stuff. That plus some new needles I will show you later on has me really hooked. This yarn is for a jacket for me. Something I don't do often. Older posts will show you the "Crayon Box Jacket" I did for Lillie and I fell in love with this kind of knitting. I am also working on a pattern to share with all of you in a while.

Hubby has the weekend off so I won't get to any of this until the first of the week. Have a great weekend.

If you have yarn to wind think of me!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Now I feel it is time to catch up on what has been happening in my life. I left a week ago today for Buffalo, NY and the Knitting and Crochet Guild of America summer convention. The company I work for was helping out in the booth for this shop .

I just love these shows where fiber artists congregate. A couple of exciting things went on I need to share. One was discovering fantastic hand dyed yarn. Bjorn Coordt and Rex Tannahil from this fabulous giant skein of yarn. The one shown here belongs to my friend Lou and I brought it home to wind. I love the fact these all have the name of an opera. I am a big opera fan. Just for the color alone I chose "La Boheme". This is my favorite opera and as chance would have it the colors I love the most. The one pictured I need to wind is called "Rigoletto"

I work as a sales rep for ChiaoGoo knitting needles and they surprised me with something I had on my wish list. Wonderful 7" single pointed needles. My current passion is knitting modular things like the crayon box jacket which started it all. They are wonderful. Light and with a great point and beautiful balance. How nice to see something I asked for become a reality. They certainly were well received that is for sure. I am working on a couple of projects which are not quite ready for me to show you yet.

Naturally there were other yarns and here is what I bought not that I needed yarn. I am winding, winding, winding.

Saw some really fantastic things. I was particularly amazed at the great number of crochet people who attended. I get the feeling Tunisian crochet is big right now. I don't know how yet but apparently those hooks are not easy to find. Linda had them in her booth so I learned a lot about this form of needle work. I saw an amazing sweater that for all the world looked like knit but in fact was really crochet. You never know!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!

Dishrag tag is back. If you have not signed up get with it. You will have more fun and meet some of the best people out there. I just got home and it was the first thing I did. Now until tomorrow and a bit more time. Yarn Miracle is the place to go.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I find it amazing that Miss Lillie will start school this fall. For nap time the teacher requested a large bath towel. So we decided that would make a good birthday present after all she will be 5 tomorrow. I purchased a large purple (the favorite color this week) towel and then put on the name. After that I felt it needed a bit more. I added ribbon all the way around in her second most favorite color pink. Then it needed even more so I added the bow. I sewed in on so it will not come untied. Now only to get everything all wrapped and the car loaded and I am off to tomorrow's party. It must be exciting to be turning 5. Lillie is so excited about going to school and how wonderful that is. I get to spend a week with the grandchildren. Will do a bit of "work" selling the ChiaoGoo needles. Hope to have some exciting new things to tell you about very soon coming from them. And now back to the knitting, packing and what ever.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Each year around this time I escape from the world and have what I like to call my "knitting vacation" I like to take something that has absolutely no thought involved so I am able to sit and visit with my friends. Tomorrow is the big day. I am leaving this afternoon to spend some time with my friend Lou who will put me on the plane headed west early tomorrow morning.

I have just a short time this year to visit but I shall treasure it anyway. I am taking the red sweater I am working on for Louis. Just a plain pullover is what he requested. It is great old yarn from the stash. "Melrose Memory Yarn" If you remember I made him a blue one from this same yarn and he asked for another. Hopefully when I return I will have it finished and he can have it for the start of a new school year.

I HATE to fly but I must for this trip so am busy packing. The first item is the knitting, clothes follow later and are not at all important. Just the time I spend with Ann, Sally and Katie. I can hardly wait to see them. I has been almost a year now.

Then I will return home and get ready to do some work for ChiaoGoo knitting needles. I hope that by the time I return I have a couple of new items to fill you in on that I am soooooo excited about. It will be worth the wait...

Next I must visit the yarn shops in the Rochester, NY area I have neglected them far to long. Never dull in the knitting world around here.

Then August 7,8,9 it is off to Buffalo for the summer convention of the Knitting and Crochet Guild of America.

Will post my progress on the sweater when I return Thursday.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Not knitting but busy. When Lillie was here for a few days she wanted me to make her a summer nightgown. Here it is. She went to the fabric stash and choose just what she wanted.Now I need to get the second one done at some point. I do think things in the knitting sewing line will be on the back burner for a day or two. I am baby sitting with the dogs from Lillie and Louis. I now have 5 four leg friends in the house. Two are large 70 lbs plus and then 3 little Cavaliers. Wow it is hectic here.

I also am working hard on getting rid of all the things daughter and a friend have dropped off for me to sell on ebay. It would make it a lot tidier here to get it all listed, sold and OUT OF HERE......I do not really mind this job but it sure does take a lot of time. I am however doing a small bit of knitting.

Hopefully on Monday I can get back to work for ChiaoGoo and see some yarn shops. I have some more interesting lines to carry in the works as well. I shall keep all of you posted.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been asked to knit a special afghan square for a surprise for someone who I can not tell you about here. I choose this square from Mary Walker Phillips "Knitting Counterpanes" Mrs. Beetons pattern. I used a # 6 needle and Brown Sheep Lambs Pride. I am most pleased with this one. Great fun to knit and I felt it would fit into the project quite nicely. Hard to know what to knit when there are others making the squares. I was thrilled to find one repeat of the pattern ended up being the 11: square requested. A gentle steam and that was all there was to it. Also it has a nice edge to join with other squares. I did purl one round past the pattern and then bind off in knit. I had the choice of color so my favorite pink it is.
The same square a different size. What a gauge lesson this is. I used Elizabeth Lavold's cotton, linen blend to make a face cloth. I love this yarn it produced a great feel with just enough texture to give your face a good scrub with out being scratchy. When visiting a yarn shop recently representing my wonderful ChiaoGoo knitting needles the shop owner and I were chatting about linen and what a glorious fiber it is. I mentioned face cloths and Susan asked if I would knit one for her. I choose the same pattern I used for the afghan square. With a #4 needle it came out great. Then for those who wanted something simpler I knit the basic garter stitch "dish cloth" great fun and easy to do. I still even had a bit of yarn left.

I had grandchildren here this past weekend and it was very busy I can assure you of that. Kathy my daughter and I made all new curtains for the little camper they own. Getting it ready for a trip. Now I have Louis here for the next 10 days. But at 12 he is wonderful and absolutely no trouble at all. I even get to knit some.

I just started the swirl shawl to add to the long list of things in progress. Pictures to follow as I make some progress.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I now have a picture from Columbus at TNNA. We had a wonderful dinner and brainstorming session with the ChiaoGoo Needle company. Lots of ideas and such. Here is a picture just sent to me. Thanks a bunch Wendy. It took place the night before the market opened. Naturally I came home with wonderful ideas. Now I am forced to use the old MAC ICE CUBE that belongs to hubby. Hopefully later this week my lap top will return from repair. Until then I don't have pictures except this one send to me from Wendy's camera. We had one of the nice waiters take our picture. I am however working on getting some knitting things finished up and will take pictures to send along when my computer returns. This old stand by has no way to connect the camera.

An interesting afghan square for a group project afghan. I am done and ready to mail even early as it is not due until July 20. Then there is a sample face cloth for a shop I promised to knit. At least I am able to use the same pattern for both. A great leasson in what gauge will do for making two things the same and yet different.

I have some special yarn I picked up at TNNA to see what I can come up with so all the pattern books are out and I am searching the perfect one for a lace scarf. You know the old saying "so much to do so little time".

I had a big group here for brunch on Friday and now that is all put away and I am returning to my knitting passion. Then next week is grandson week. I hope to mix some business with some special entertainment for Louis. It seems to never be dull around here always lots to do.

Cross your fingers the computer arrives soon.!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I just returned from Columbus. Ohio and the TNNA show. They do not allow cameras on the floor so I don't have a picture for you. I had a glorious time. It was a special treat to meet the folks I work for at ChiaoGoo needles. We had a great time showing off our line of great needles and introducing the new red cable circular. It is so soft, flexible and with a smooth smooth join. Right now only one size but more to come.
I found no real theme as to what will be new and exciting in the knitting world. Saw some lovely yarns and notions. I plan on adding a few things to the lines I sell. More on that later when it all comes together. New books continue to be published and I brought home several. As yet I have not had a chance to read them. I am getting ready for company so more on that front later.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last weekend was absolutely the best. It all started on Thursday when I left to visit yarn shops first. Now visiting all the yarn shops in my area is just such a wonderful job I can hardly stand it. I just love looking at all the glorious things there are out there. So far I have not purchased any new yarn. You all know my stash overflows. I am really using a lot of self control. My method is to say it is not fair to buy from one shop and not every one I visit. So far it is working we shall see how long I can contain myself. After a day at the shops it was time to meet my friend Lou for a late lunch. We decided to pass on dinner and just have chocolate cake. I like it I like it!

Bright and early on Friday I joined some members of the Buffalo Guild for a little lace workshop. I had one group in the morning and another in the afternoon. All were just fantastic students and I love every minute of teaching. I wish I could do it every day.

Dinner that night was with Lou and a dear knitting friend Betty. Gee how lucky can an old lady get?

Saturday and Sunday were more classes. We did the little American Girl doll sweater in a two day session. Such wonderful students they always thrill me what fun they have learning something new. Then dinner in the evening with some of the Guild members. Life is soooooo good!

Now tomorrow I am off again. Oh dear more yarn shops followed by TNNA. So much yarn and knitting I am sure it will be overload but I shall share when I return.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The last workshop booklet is finished I think the sample sweater turned out nice. I try very hard when teaching to have students knit something to keep. These classes teach technique while giving you something to take home. The one pictured here is all about knitting and cutting sweaters and making steeks. A few other things thrown in as well. The little sweater fits an American Girl doll.

I sure have not been so great at blogging lately. I am finally finished with the workshop I am doing in Buffalo this weekend. I had a hard time getting all the computer work finished. Apparently all the computer work messed with muscles in my shoulder and I have been taking all sorts of meds that make me goofy and sleepy. Tomorrow at least I get some physical therapy for this. Damn insurance companies had to give approval. Then if that were not enough I get some sinus stuff that filled the ears with fluid. I felt like I was at the amusement park on the "tilt a whorl" in my own chair. Now the medication for that really messes with the mind. At last things are looking up and I am on the mend. I leave Thursday and will stop at some yarn shops to do my job for ChiaoGoo and then it is a knitters weekend. Pictures to follow next week. Promise.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


What satisfaction to have a big project finished. Darling daughter and family love to go camping and last fall purchased an old 1980 small travel trailer. On my last visit with her I brought home all the cushions to make new covers. Yesterday was the day. I have a sewing friend visiting and we did them all. There were 6 total. Several of them very large and hard to deal with.Then I added a pillow as well. What a change from the old brown scratchy covers from 1980. We worked the two of us all day and we finished. I also learned a lot about covering cushions. One you need to find somewhere to purchase long long long zippers. I went to the local drapery/slip cover lady who gladly sold me what I needed. She even started the zipper pulls which is an ugly job in my opinion. Now hubby will deliver them this afternoon on his way east for a week of fishing. I plan to stay home a few days and get things in order for the upcoming workshops. Then I will do some quality grandchildren time. However there are also curtains to make for this little camper. Another day another time.

My company leaves this afternoon and I plan to make some cases to show off the wonderful ChiaoGoo needles I am selling. I think after my first sale on Wednesday I need a better way to display. Thank goodness it did not matter to my customer. I can tell you for someone addicted to yarn visiting a shop brimming full to the ceiling it was an seeing how much self control I had. Lots of wonderful yarn and I held off and did not come home with more. I am most proud of myself. I have made it a rule not to buy yarn on my working visits. However I will soon know where to find yarn!

Monday, May 11, 2009


OK where have I been? Take a look at this mess! I had to move from my little office in the laundry room up to the kitchen because it is toooo darn cold to type downstairs. We seem to have a bit of a delay on summer arriving here. I do not consider 40 in the morning warm weather. Now I am in the kitchen working like wild. I have a 3 workshops to be finished up, the directions written, the samples knit and the booklets for hand outs printed. Way behind would be a good way to put it. This picture is of where I am knitting and writing right now. On top of this I have now taken a job. I am a sales rep. for ChiaoGoo knitting needles. This means learning the numbers and the line. But oh how much fun to visit yarn shops and see what goes. I personally love the needles and so that makes it easy. As well as they are so wonderful and nice to work for. Then add to the mix out of town company coming Wednesday, The covers to sew for daughters camper and getting hubby off for a free fishing trip he was asked to participate in. I think home alone a few days will be a good thing for me. It does not end. June 5,6,7 I will be teaching for the Buffalo Knitting Guild. What fun to do once the preparations are all complete. Also will be visiting yarn shops the day before the workshops.a tough job for sure. Then it is off to TNNA in Columbus, this for work as well. Back home again and then a brunch to host for some out of town company. So if you don't hear from me for a bit I am alive and well. Really involved with all things knitting I will try my best. Perhaps some great pictures of neat knitting things from my travels.

Susie has two graduations in her family to attend to. But once that Katie is finished she will have even more time to knit. I hope we get her to blog a bit for us. Once her life is quiet.

I don't forget about all of you who take time to read this but sometimes "my life gets in the way"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finally some progress

I know I have not been the best blogger lately. Seems like life sometimes gets in the way. First a week with Lillie age 4 here and then last week I had Bandit the puppy. Lots of fun with him but he is sure full of energy. Then the sewing room clean out and organize. I am still not quite finished with that. All this going on and I get a call to help with some items to be used on Saturday for a local fund raiser. A "Kentucky Derby Gala". They needed saddle blankets for some of the models they are using as well as some embroidery on things. I took time out to help with this as the funds go to our local library. That taken care of I participated in the "Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2009". I have that mailed.

Then a great fabric hunt. I live in the middle of nowhere it seems and have little choice in purchasing fabrics. After a trip to our local JoAnn's and finding they did not have enough denim for my next big project of one color. I can't believe how many colors of denim there are. I need 16 yards to cover the cushions in my daughter's camper. Finally found a helpful clerk who offered to order it for me bless her big time. Then the second fabric hunt was for printed cotton knit. Not baby prints and so far that is all I have found. Louis #1 Grandson has a birthday coming and what he wants are PJ's from Nana. He loves the soft cotton t-shirts and elastic waist pants for summer. I was reduced to solid colors so will need to add some nifty ribbing and perhaps some embroidery.

With all of this I am working on a workshop booklets for a workshop in Buffalo, NY the first weekend in June. I will be teaching 3 days. I have the yarn ordered at this point and am busy working on the patterns. They are originals of mine but with a new computer I know they could look so much nicer so I am reprinting all of these. I have one I finished this morning. Really pleased with how it worked out. Called a "little soap sack" I will be teaching the basics of lace knitting. When I take a class I like to have something I knit to look back at and refresh my memory. You will see the picture at the top of the blog is this little project.

One more day and husband is off to hunting camp. Turkey season in Pennsylvania. I will be working on workshops the entire time he is away as well as trying to fit in some sewing. Never dull here!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As I have no knitting to blog about I thought I would share this idea with you. Often you can find the old basket type purses at thrift sales. Here is a great use for one. I made Lillie an Easter Basket by changing ribbon and trim. Filled it with grass and her Easter items. Great for small little girls as there is a lid and during the egg hunt things stay inside. She really loved it. This week her favorite color is purple so I used purple flowers and a glue gun to trim the top and just ran some ribbon around the top. I did it too late to share for this Easter with all of you but thought you might want to be on the search for a basket and put it away until next year. With 3 dogs to keep up with life is pretty busy around here.

Yesterday was a sewing day. I hate to mention this one but shortly after Sammy the Cavalier came to visit, he chewed the bottom of the leather sofa, matching chair and ottoman. I have fussed over this for a long time. The furniture was in perfect condition until he arrived. The blue duct tape did little to add to the decor of the room. Yesterday I took some plaid fabric with the blue of the leather in it and made a skirt, flat not gathered or pleated, and used the staple gun to attach it. Looks great if I do say so and now our family room is not so shabby. Best part was the fabric came from the stash. Now I know why I save all this stuff.

Two great ideas for Earth day, save and reuse!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This sweater nearly did me in. Yes as dear husband says why do you wait until the last minute? I don't really know but I seem to always do this. I thought since I had the cute jacket for Lillie for Easter it would only be fair to knit Louis a sweater. Here is is and he does look handsome I think. However I found doing this in just a few days was not smart. I have been in knitting jail ever since. I apparently pulled my neck muscles and had such pain I was in the ER. Thanks to some great meds ,which make me so sleepy I can't stay awake. I am nearly back to normal but no knitting has taken place here in over a week and I am suffering from serious withdrawal. Now I can always blame it on the other things I was doing for the grandchildren like cut out cookies and a purse/basket for Lillie. I know inside was the knitting.

The yarn came from my stash, some wonderful stuff my friend Ann shared with me a long time ago. It is called "memory yarn" mostly cotton with an elastic fiber added in. Manufactured by Melrose. The directions call for you to make a size larger than normal as well as each section an inch longer. I did all of the above and it was a perfect fit. This stuff is wonderful no sag and ba and ribbing really ribs. Louis was so pleased he had it on all weekend. Now I am going to hunt the stash and see if I have some more of this great stuff. I did find while knitting that the regular metal needles were a bit sticky with this yarn and went back to the good old fashioned Balene that I hold so dear and have stashed away.

Now I am baby sitting with daughters dog while they vacation. The large dogs are at the kennel but the little fellow Bandit (he is in the center) is here with me along with his mom Vera and Sam the original Cavalier who lives here.

More later on what goes on here. I have another project to show you all later.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I think that all of us who love to knit have a real passion for sheep. I think they are a big part of our lives. So many kinds of wool and the like. The following link is one of the most amazing things you could ever imagine about sheep. I enjoyed it so much I need to share. Thanks to my knitting friend Sally for sending me this link. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I can not even remember when I started this little jacket it was so long ago. The pattern is Crayon Box Jacket from I think I started and frogged about 5 times. Then read Vivian Hoxboro's little book on Domino knitting and decided to make the little squares using her directions. I also was told by a friend that to use just garter stitch gives a nicer appearance. This makes sense as we all know garter stitch and stocking stitch provide two different gauges. With all this information the project was a delight to do.

Here is my hint if you wish to make one of these: 1. choose only garter stitch 2. do as Hoxboro suggests slip the first stitch of each row knit wise and purl the last stitch.

After I started using this system things rolled along quite nicely. I finished the jacket added the neck band, front borders, and bottom border. Knit up the sleeve gusset and here is where it all went "south" so to speak. The yarn I used for the borders and gusset was one I knew I had 3 or more balls of and I finished up one of these and then the hunt began for the remaining yarn. I hunted and hunted to no avail.

Next step clean out the yarn room. What a mess, I found things I had no idea I owned as well as a lot of yarn that made me question my sanity. Why or why would I keep all these bits and pieces. Also a few unfinished items that I did the "pull out the needle and dump" routine on. I have sorted and cataloged for nearly a full week. Still no yarn. Now keep in mind I am a protestant but I have heard of wonderful things from St. Anthony. He really came through on this one. I found the yarn yesterday slipped down behind a little chest that holds needles and the like. Many thanks St. Anthony who helps find lost items. Now I have finished the little jacket.

I love this and may just start another with something else. Great fun to work on once you get it down. I will admit some short 7" Signature needles made a huge difference. I dearly love the stiletto points and for modular work they are fantastic. I love the sock needles as well. Save your pennies and try a set.

Now I can return to finishing the last of the sorting and stash reduction. You know I had to quit that to finish the jacket. I think I shall add a pretty pink ribbon at the neck to tie a bow. I did not put buttons on because Miss Lillie moves so quickly the tie is much easier on her mom.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Right now it seems the only knitting I can really find time for are socks. It is the time of the year when all the tax stuff has to be gathered. It takes away from my knitting time. So socks it is. I dearly love to knit them and they seem to be a big favorite with the friends and family. I keep hearing "never enough socks". I finished one pair and am almost there with the second pair. I have lost a bit of my evening knitting as I am helping a friend with her knitting but that is pure pleasure for me. I would have the entire world knitting if I could. I think there would be less hatred and violence if everyone would just pick up needles and knit something.

This sock pattern is a favorite of mine, a pattern from Knit Picks quite a while back. The yarn for the completed pair is Opal from the stash. The unfinished pair are knit with yarn I purchased on Esty from Ruby Sapphire. I loved both yarns and find it so interesting to knit with different yarns. The loop stitch cuff is not nearly as difficult as it looks. You just follow the directions on the pattern. I did however find that the second time you knit the stitch after making the loop, it is easier to knit in the back of the stitch. Just a little hint here.

You can see my favorite sock needles in the picture. I know they are expensive but I dearly love the "stiletto point" from Signature Needles. Just amazing how wonderful I find them. They are not slippery but I would prefer to call them slick as the knitting just flows from these little beauties. I live the shorter needles 6" but you can order the length that makes you happy. I don't work for them or get any reward for telling you about these but they are wonderful.

Last year I joined a sock yarn club and I can not tell you how much fun it has been. The first shipment was "St. Valentine's Day" and now yesterday I got more from this club. I will wait a few days to post this picture as I am in love with what they are sending. Every two months another skein of special dye yarn. Great fun. If you love to knit socks, join one of these when the opportunity comes your way.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


i just received my new issue of O magazine. There is quite an article on ways to cut down on stress in these difficult times. On page 124 in the "Mindwise section". I would like to quote the following: TAKE UP KNITTING" it goes on to say knitting can cause a "relaxation reflex" with a "calming and meditation like state". I have known this for a long time. Makes your blood pressure drop and the article further states that is reduces dementia. Now I like this but I think I have known this for a long long time.

I take my knitting to the Dr. office and naturally there is a bit of wait. I was told by one physician that I was the calmest person in the waiting room and would I teach the others out there to knit.

Nice to know there are studies to back up something as delightful to do as knitting.

Works in progress right now are the child's crayon box jacket and a pair of socks.


Monday, February 16, 2009

The Vera Update

For all you dog lovers out there we are home from the vet and she could find nothing wrong with Vera just the left over stomach uncomfortable from the bird seed episode.


Hard to believe it has been nearly a month since my last post. I sure have neglected my followers and for that I am most sorry.
I really have been knitting just omitted taking pictures. I finished at the last minute 4 pairs of Valentine socks for my daughter, her husband, and Louis and Lillie. I was racing again the clock with those and put them in the box sealed it up and sent it with hubby and thought OH NO! I forgot to take a picture. It was then tooo late. I did knit the face cloth pictured with some left over Louet fine linen. I really like this after it was machine washed and dried. Perhaps I shall get more and make more of these with a nice bar of soap it does make a sweet gift.

Remember Sammy and the sprained leg well my other sweet puppy Vera has been really sick. We have always fed the birds in the winter and I thought nothing of her outside sniffing around under the feeder. Well what ever you do stop this practice with your animals. She apparently ate this bird seed and the left over hulls. We were up several nights with lots of vomiting. She is still not back to normal and I have a Dr. appointment this morning for her. Seems this seed sits on the damp ground, ferments and collects bacteria like wild and it made her very sick. That part is over for now but she still has some stomach distress. I would not be a good friend if I did not share this news with you. According to our Vet this is something dogs love to do. I have now had a full week of being up every 2 hours every night. Does not make me very productive during the day. I will keep you all posted on Miss Vera.

I am helping a friend who has an estate to liquidate dispose of some of the items on ebay. She is always doing for others and I can do this for her. Goodness the time it takes but I soon shall be finished. It is not so much the money part but having these things go to a home where they are appreciated. This task has consumed many hours of my day. Answering the questions alone seems a full time job but most interesting.

I also have had company over night and that means you know do some serious cleaning around here. That being said the knitting has taken a back seat. I do have another pair of socks cast on and am working on a "Crayon box Jacket" for Lillie. I think I have started this a dozen times and never was really pleased with my results. After checking out Vivian Hoxboro on the subject I think I have solved what did not please me. I am now doing the following. All garter stitch squares, they fit together better, slipping the first stitch as if to knit of every row and purling the last. Now I am happy with how it looks. I know I get a bit fussy about these things but it looks as if now I shall finish this in time for spring. I also found the short 7" stiletto point needles from Signaature are just the ticket for this project. Expensive yes but absolutely wonderful to use.

This has brought about another project, I hate to even think how many pairs of needles, crochet hooks and other items associated with my passion have been dwelling in drawers and closets. I have now nearly completed the task of sorting and disposing of all the ones I will never ever use again. Each time something new comes on the market I think I need to try it but as with anything not one needle is right for every knitter. Each of us has favorites and at least I know a few more things about what I like to knit with.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finished project

I have finished the "World Stripe Wrap" from the Rowan magazine. Just in time I might add. It is so light and soft and having it on my lap while knitting was just fantastic. Hard to believe something so light and soft can be so warm. If knitting this again I would add about 6 stitches to the pattern and keep the first and last 3 in garter stitch. Even after a good steam the edges still want to roll, this after 2 rows of crochet were added. The fringe takes care of the ends but you could start with a few rows of garter stitch here as well. If you were to not add the extra border stitches, I would then slip the 1st stitch of each row to make it so much easier to find where to crochet the edge. I knit in my ends as I changes colors, it really does not show on the wrong side and I can not imagine working in all those ends later. I think this gives the best look. I worked 2 full repeats of the rows as written in the pattern.

It is bitter cold here I hear the furnace running and when it does I know that dollars in the form of the gas bill go along with it. We are however so grateful to be warm. Hubby said this morning it was -16 and there has been little improvement since that. When I put Sam and Vera out the trip is sure fast, no sniffing all the snow drifts and the like. They know it is much nicer inside. This is about the only positive I can see with weather like this.

This is a large old house but we have worked hard to make it as energy efficient as we can, new windows, storm doors and a new fuel efficient furnace and still I could take a grand vacation on what the gas bill is each month. Lucky for us we have two zones in the house with two thermostats. One for the nice cozy family room in the basement. I call it my knitting workshop right now. Yesterday I sorted yarn found the unfinished items to be worked on and just enjoyed the coziness of the place. Looks like more of the same today.

Snow, snow, snow we seem each day to have more arriving, our bird feeders are loaded with birds and I know they depend on us this time of year. I particularly like the look of the cardinals their bright red against the snow. Several years ago I gave husband a brass snow gauge for the yard, we now have 2 feet and it continues to come down. Perfect knitting weather.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes indeed a sock monkey hat. I have a wonderful son in law but he never seems to quite complete the "fix it things" around the house. I will say when we visit, "can you fix that?" His answer is "a trained monkey could do that". Well it has now become a wonderful family joke. We have started seeing that he gets little things as gifts and they all have the "trained monkey" involved. Always good for a laugh. When Susie alerted me to the Sock Monkey Hat on Knitty I knew I had to make it. I had hoped it would be for Christmas but alas as with lots of great plans. Part of the unfinished projects around here in bags and boxes. Now I am working hard to finish them. This weekend this was the finished project. It left in the mail today. I can hardly wait until he gets this one. It was a lot of fun to knit and best part of all I was able to use the stash. I just double some of the yarns, I keep thinking I will find more room in the yarn closet but so far it has not happened. I seem to be working from the baskets that litter the family room.

Friday, January 9, 2009


The Sammy update! He is doing great and gets along well with the splint on his leg, which brings to mind a couple of things I have learned and want to share with other pet lovers. When we had the little puppy to the vet for his shots she took a can of spray cheese like the one in the photo, ran a strip of it on the stainless exam table and Bandit began to lick it up from the end, by the time he finished he had received his two shots and had no idea what had taken place. I said this is fantastic and she said this is what they use to give a pill. Let me tell you stop one after the Vet on Tuesday was for spray cheese. It is like magic. He takes his pills and begs for more. Much better than wrapping it where it will fall out of something. This stuff is sticky and the pills stick to the cheese like it was glue. All the years I have had dogs and never knew this trick. Too good not to share.

The other thing I learned this week was how to keep the splint wrap dry. I took one of those heavy plastic bags you use with a food sealer and serged it on my machine to make it the proper size, slipped it over the splint and used tape to make it smaller at the top. Now he is out in the snow and no dampness. Pet owners just have to share.....