Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just what goes on here?

It hardly seems possible I have been away from this blog for so long. I am most sorry. First it was the computer which would no longer burn a CD. I decided in what now seems foolishness to send it in to be repaired while the Apple Care was still in effect. I only had a few days left on this coverage. Yes I know they say back things up. Well I did the best I could and off it went. Returned in 3 days and I was thrilled until I started it up. I found out they had wiped it clean. You got it I lost all of the information I had not backed up. I can not tell you the hours spent to reinstall everything. Things are pretty much as good as it is going to get at this point. Did I register a complaint you bet I did but what is that old saying "it is what it is".

Then we had Thanksgiving and we were away with the family for a week. I did a bit of Christmas shopping but not a lot of knitting. I did enjoy the time with the family and would not trade that for anything. Once I returned it back to teaching some knitting classes and this gives me great joy to share what I have been blessed to learn over the years.

Next project was to get the out of town gifts wrapped and mailed. This included 3 hand made knitting bags. Done!

All the while work on my hand made gifts. There are photos here of what I made and there will be more after Christmas. I just had to get some of the things all wrapped. Now it is time to show all of you who care to look just what I have been knitting. Not in these pictures as I lost the camera files as well are a sweater for Lillie and a hat with matching sweater and hat for her American girl doll which is what my gift to her is at Christmas. Then there were hand knit socks for my Louis.

Now here are the pictures and what I knit. A scarf and fingerless gloves in pretty blue with yarn from the stash. Makes me feel very thrifty. Then my own pattern for the red line shawl in doll size. Sock yarn doll clothes. Also pot holders sewn and kitchen towels to match.

If you have not seen the new book out "Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders" edited by Judith Durant. Please run don't walk and pick up a copy. The sock yarn doll clothes are from this book and I want to start on page one and knit my through this gem.

I now have the special hazelnut biscotti made for my son in law for Christmas, the cookies baked and as I write this everything is all wrapped up. I now need to put the "sticky buns" in the oven for the bridge party.

Happy Holidays to all of you and I must hurry back to the needles there is still a sock that needs a foot.....

Friday, November 5, 2010


I am beginning to think I am making progress around here with the knitting. I have finished another pair of the socks with the "Strong Heel".

Finished this pretty fluted scarf knit this with: 1 ball Universal Yarn Classic Shades color #705. Here is the pattern. It was told to me at a knitting meeting and I have no idea where the original pattern came from. I just wrote down and knit what I was told. So want to share with all of you. This is really a fun knit. If this is a pattern someone has written I am so sorry and please let me know. I just found it fun and a quick and easy gift. This time of year hubby is glued to the football games and like it if I watch with him. Many I find not very interesting so this is what keeps my fingers busy yet my mind can still pay attention. Enjoy

# 7 needle

1 ball -Universal Classic Shades Yarn

Cast on 20

1. knit 20

2. knit 8, turn, knit 8.

3. knit 6, turn, knit 6

4. knit 4, turn, knit 4.

Knit 20 repeat these 4 rows until all yarn is used.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

More completed knitting

I also worked long and hard on the final version of my red line shawl. This was done to celebrate the wonderful "Red Line" needles made by ChiaoGoo. Such pure joy to knit with. My endless thanks to Universal Yarn for the wonderful Holiday Red with sequins yarn called Soft Payette. It absolutely flowed in my fingers and the sequins were no problem at all. The best part of this project was the fact it did not need to be blocked but just a light steam on the wrong side. I love something that when you are finished knitting you can wear it right away. I have been working on this project off and on since June and at last I have the written directions. I needed to do a double check of them so with the left over yarn I knit one to fit the American Girl Doll.

I have been told that Miss Lillie is requesting an American Girl doll for Christmas. You can imagine what I will now be working on until Christmas. Lots and lots of little sweaters. That Mary Ann was so helpful to model so beautifully the shawls on Knit Night at Dianne has changed the name from Stash Busters to Yarn for you and Stash Busters two to more accurately represent the new direction her shop is going in. Not just stash busting but a full service yarn shop. How exciting for all of us in the Western New York rea.

Knitting and not blogging

I really have been doing a lot of knitting lately but alas no blogging. First thing I was trying to complete was the Panda Silk Fan Shawl, I seemed to get a bit of help from Sammy the dog. Check out this picture he does not knit the way I would like him to. I did however spend a lot of time with the unravel routine. Thank goodness this is lovely smooth yarn and he did no damage and the shawl was completed. It has a wonderful drape and feel. I found it not necessary to block this shawl. I just used the steam iron carefully and I do mean carefully on the wrong side and it came out fantastic. This kept me busy for quite a while. If you live in a warm weather area or want something special for summer this is the shawl for you. I want to thank Mary Ann for doing a fantastic job as the model.

Friday, October 15, 2010


There are days when I wonder what happened to my time. I am always busy with a project or 20. Right now I have a very busy teaching schedule. A week ago Saturday it was my happy experience to be the speaker for the Waterways Knitting Guild in Jamestown, NY. It was perfect timing as I had just received my new copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitters Almanac. I have owned the original for many years and enjoyed using it and just reading it. I was blessed to attend her knitting camp for a number of years and to own an original drawing of hers illustrating the Stonington Shawl. I also received from her daughter Meg at camp a mitten EZ knit it was the proto type for the one in the box. I sure am one lucky knitter. I have letters and correspondence from EZ so it was a fun morning for me to share what I have with others.

After which I taught a class on putting cuffs on ready made gloves at A quick and easy Christmas gift. I always enjoy sharing what I have learned.

Then I was busy with this little project of decorated sugar cubes of all things. My donation to a breast cancer fun raising tea. What a sticky little project this was.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

Interesting how the lighting changes the color of yarn. The picture of the ball is accurate and the one of the sock done with the scanner is a bit different. You never know...
Quite some time ago I knit a sock and did a pattern. The yarn is long gone from my stash. I was fortunate enough to be gifted with a wonderful ball of a new sock yarn by Debbie Macomber. The Blossom Street Collection and is called "Petal Sock Yarn". This color is "Plum Tree". This was a perfect time to do the sock again. My own pattern and I did a little edit to it and am ready to teach a class on this nifty heel. It does fit nicely and avoids the picking up the heel flap that seems to perplex some knitters. The yarn is absolutely wonderful. Soft and silky with a bit of halo. I love it, the yardage is fantastic 462. I think a shawl in this yarn would be something so soft and warm I can hardly wait for the yarn to arrive at my local yarn shop. I would caution those who purchase this yarn to remember it seems a bit thinner than the Sockotta I used in the beginning so I did that old trick and went up a needle size. Worked perfectly. Also the label says NOT to put it in the dryer. All in all it was a breeze to knit. It just seemed to flow through my fingers. It also has a feel good aspect and that is that Debbie is donating all the proceeds from her yarn line to help children all over the world. Now how nice is that?

Thursday, September 23, 2010


That old saying " a picture is worth a 1000 words" I am in awe of the beautiful colors of fall.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been really busy lately. I finished up the knit doll named Phoebe which a coat that matches Lillie's as well as a pink dress. I know Lillie will love this when I take it to her in a couple of weeks. I can't take her something I knit without something for the big brother Louis. A teenager can be a bit picky but I know he always loves socks so that is what I made for him. Then there is the stranded two color hat for a class I will be teaching. I am doing quite a bit of that these days. Sometimes I wonder if the students know just how much preparation goes into getting a class ready? I do love doing it which is why I enjoy my students so very much. We are having beautiful fall weather with the trees doing their best to put on quite a show. I will get some pictures for all of you in the next day or so. When I thought of taking a picture this afternoon it had started to rain and the sun was gone. I shall not forget.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On my last trip to the TNNA show in Columbus in early June I saw this wonderful book. I right away thought of Lillie. I just knew she would love it. I was right when she was here for her visit I had the sweater nearly finished and love it she did.

So I began to knit and here is what her little sweater coat looks like. As usual I did a few modifications. So for those of you who wish to knit it here is what I did: I added 2 stitches to the body so I could have a slipped stitch up each side of the front for a neater finish. I normally knit to gauge but I had to drop to a #10 needle for this so be sure to check your gauge. I used 3 needle bind off on the shoulders but put the wrong sides together to avoid a stocking stitch area on the shoulder. Then when I reached the sleeves, I picked up the stitches as directed and purled the first round. This makes a very nice finish with the little purl bumps filling in that pick up ridge. I also used this same technique when it was time to start the hood. It gave what I felt like was a nicer finish.

At this point I thought I was finished but Miss Lille let me know she really needed the matching doll so I then knit that little sweater. It is so cute and such fun to knit.

And now hopefully this weekend I can knit up the doll and her dress to fit into the little coat. School started today for Lillie and I know that soon we will have cool weather this will be perfect for. Our leaves have already started to turn and a few are now floating in the breeze.

What little girl would not love this coat. I did make the size 6 and lengthened both the body and sleeves.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Of all the things there are to knit creating a shawl is my most favorite. There are always several on needles here. I do sometimes get sidetracked and don't finish up as I should. I am doing a shawl presentation at Stash Busters yarn shop on Saturday so I got my self moving. I like to call this "The Art of the Shawl" I really do feel they are an art form. So yesterday I finished up "The Traveling Woman Shawl" from Ravelry. It was fun to knit and it was a good take along project. I am working hard to reduce the stash. (Bet that statement brings a laugh from everyone). At any rate this is yarn from Interlacements, Toasty Toes color 210 Merino wool.It is supposedly a sock yarn. more like a sport weight. I think it a bit heavy as I like finer knits for socks. Been around a long time. I added an extra repeat across as well as knitting pattern A one more time that written. I think it would be a bit small if I had not done this. Did I worry towards the end about how much yarn I had left? You bet I did but the knitting Gods were with me and I even had a couple of yards left.

The second red shawl was a commercial pattern. Knit from a pattern by Karabella for Gossamer. I enjoyed knitting it as the red shawl was my second one from this pattern. The first I did in the yarn requested and pictured on the pattern. If you do this one be sure to purchase a couple extra skeins. The red shawl I made some modifications to the original and knit it from Brown Sheep Fantasy lace. Long ago discontinued. See I really am doing some stash reduction.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Here we are, parallel lives at work. Now let me think.....what news do I have since last Joan and I posted? Oh Yes, I know. I have a new Grandson! Linkoln William Stewart arrived Feb 4th and is he a hoot! Of course being the good friend and excellent knitter that she is, Joan sent him a sweater and cap. So cute and my Daughter in Law loved it! Is that adorable or what?


It seems forever since I did any blogging but I feel it is time I did a bit of it. Things are so busy I just felt overwhelmed. Now with the approach of fall even if it is hotter than -----. I am as always knitting but have a new as hubby calls it "fad of the week" . Hubby has spent the last few winters working on building a doll house for our darling now 6 year old grand daughter. My project was the interior design and such. It really was a lot of work but fun as well. I made tiny little things, quilts and curtains and pillows and the like. Thought you would like to see just what has kept me so darn busy. So here are the pictures of Lillie's House.

Lots of knitting going on as well. So more to follow on that later but first the house.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


With no time to blog I will do some quick updates on twitter. Check out Lillie and Lou

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


There are times when my schedule is so hectic I suffer great guilt at the lack of my postings. You are never sure that anyone out in ciber land reads your musings. I can sit down and write but getting pictures posted for me seems to be a big deal. I procrastinate a lot on this one, many things completed and no pictures. So at least for now I shall bid all of you a brief goodby and take some time out. If you find you miss me please let me know. I always can rethink my priorities.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I have now really spoiled myself with this glorious book purchase. I have hesitated for a few months because it was expensive. It arrived this morning and I think if you love to knit lace you will love this book. My favorite thing is charts that are large and easy to read. Then as I read the first few pages I found that the needles I love so much from ChiaoGoo are perfect for these shawls. I placed mine on the cover when I did the scan so you can all see how they look. In the book it suggests short bamboo needles for the lace edges. They suggest gluing a bead on the end of double points. For many years this is what I had to do. Problem being the balance is all wrong, I hated the feel of them in my hands. These needles are absolutely perfect for the shawls. Now I must read more and then decide what I want to knit. Then find some wonderful lace merino yarn. Now if only I had time to read the entire book. The history looks fantastic. Shawl breathtaking. I just had to share my joy with this present. I don't sell books but when I find one I love I do like to tell you about it.

I also received two other new knitting books that I have as yet to look at. Seems to me there will be no housework done around here for a few days. We will be spending the upcoming holiday home with just the two of us so plenty of time to read new knitting books. Such pure joy!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I have been working in the sewing room lately. Lots of things I need to do but progress has been made. I finished the quilt for my new neighbor baby Emma. I am not a quilter but was given the top kit and needed something special for this little girl. I did my own thing with the kit. Must be a carry over from what I do when I knit. I can never just follow directions.

Next were birthday presents for my two great neighbor boys. They are huge Penn State fans as I can tell every morning when I look out the kitchen window. There is a "We are Penn State" sign in the upstairs window. The fabric was in my stash so much the better. That sign got me moving on these presents for two great little guys who really did not need more toys. Now here is my HINT I read in an on line article that coffee filters make fantastic stabilizer for sewing. Absolutely right and so cheap. I used them for the name embroidery. They tear away easily and I am sold on this hint. Thanks to who ever found this out. You easily layer them for more stability.

I also found out that the old left over roll of newsprint that is free at the local paper makes great wrapping paper. I just took a marker and using lots of different colors wrote the names multiple times. Great way to save as I just hat to toss expensive coated wrapping paper in the trash. It would work well for children to color on and then use to wrap up presents. I plan to use this idea again soon.

Then it was pillow cases for two more little neighbor boys. It did however make me clean out the closet in the sewing room just to see what I would find to use. It really was a good thing to have finished and I found all sorts of interesting fabrics. Now to put them to use. It really makes me feel good to use up things from my stash.

Since I was in the pillow case mode I made a pair for the grandson Louis. He has a new big bed and needed new cases.

Now back to knitting and a big project. Will keep all of you posted.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have been very busy working at the stash reduction here. I still see no progress or empty containers but at least I am trying. I had a request from our local library for some knit items to sell at the upcoming fund raising boutique. So here is what they asked for. I made a neck warmer with yarn from Knit Picks Palette. Nice stuff but since I purchased the sample box I have one ball of many colors. This was a great way to use them up. Made me feel good about that purchase. It is nice yarn and after a quick bath lovely and soft. This and the matching lace cuffs were the requested items by Maxine the chairman.

My new Interweave knits arrived and I loved the "rose window beret" I used Point from Lana Grosso. Perfect to knit the hat as it is 96% cotton and 4% elastic. What better blend for a spring hat than that. I liked knitting with it. The little bit of elastic gave the hat body and I know the ribbing will hold its shape. I have no idea if this yarn is still on the market. Then I thought I need a matching scarf. Now here is my easy easy scarf pattern. I used a #9 needle and the hat was knit much smaller.

Cast on 260 stitches, #9 needle or at least 3 sizes larger than yarn calls for. Here is the TWIST be sure you twist when you join. Certainly an easy thing to do with so many stitches. Then knit 4 rounds, purl 4 rounds, knit 4 rounds and bind off. Does not come any easier. This loops around the neck more than once and has a really nice look to it. I think I shall make some more of these quick and easy as well as fun scarves as gifts. Try one they might help reduce your stash.

The cashmere hat:

I found a beautiful ball of cashmere in the stash along with a pattern called Katonah Kap designed by Hatie Clingerman. I would happily give you the address to order but can you believe Sammy (for newer readers my silly dog) has given up knitting and taken to eating the patterns. So the lower portion of the pattern sheet is long gone. It is a fantastic design and used what I think feels like a sport weight yarn. Really fun and quick to knit. So warm and soft and it goes in the mail today for Lillie.

In less than two weeks I have made some progress and wait until you read the next post on the sewing projects. Never dull here even in winter when it has snowed for days on end. We get a bit of snow and then it melts a tad and then here it comes again.

Hubby is working 3 to 11 this week and next and I try and make good use of the evenings. Naturally all the Olympic TV added to my knitting time.

Now all of you readers out there dig into that stash and knit something small and use some of that stuff up. I used to think I needed to save favorite yarns as they became discontinued. How foolish they are always making wonderful new stuff.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Here is a picture of my latest completed project, Wonderful wrist warmers that double as cuffs. I love, love, love them. The pattern is from a book by Annemor Sudbo called Invisible Threads. Quick and easy to knit and I love the way they feel and look. It continues to snow here, I can not remember a day with out it. These are perfect. I think the yarn is a Shetland Lace weight but that is anyones guess. More from the mysterious stash stuff. I usually just take a peek at what is there and perhaps burn a small sample to check fibers. I am sure you all know about the burn test but just in case you do not. It is an old way to check out natural versus synthetic fibers. You take a small piece and put a match to it. If the ash is soft you have a natural fiber, if you get a hard bead what you have is some sort of man made fiber. Now what man made would be anyones guess. Interesting enough when I was in college over 50+ years ago studying textiles, fibers and such things this was what we used as a test, still today it is the first test fiber folks use when they are wondering about the fiber content. Way back then we had few synthetic fibers now the world abounds with them. I found it interesting a few years ago when I had the honor of viewing textiles at the museum in Iowa and we were wondering about fiber content. The first test Laurann Gilbertson the textile curator used when we were curious about a pair of mittens fiber was the good old burn test. Naturally after that there are many others but what a great way to start the investigation.
Knit a pair for a little gift and enjoy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I can tell you all now that the Mallory in the title of this blog now has a little brother Link. So I was prepared as I knew it would be a little boy. Here is the yellow sweater and hat I knit or him. The sweater is my own pattern, and the hat called "Kyle's Cap" from KNIT BABY HATS. I love this hat for a little boy. Yarn is from the stash who knows what it is but nice and soft and a lot of cotton in it I am sure. Perhaps we need to work on the blog title one of these days so he won't feel cheated when he gets older. I have more knitting in the works but this special baby deserves his own page. From one Nana to the other Nana. Now we are even a boy and a girl for each of us. More of that parallel lives thing we have going with each other.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I don't seem to be able to get to this blog as often as I think about it. I seem to be always in the midst of some project or other for a finished date. Pictures seem to be my problem. Here is what I have been working on: pair of cool socks, the valentine jacket for Lillie and pj's for Louis. In the midst of this I am making a quilt that needs to be finished in the next 10 days or so. I love making the little jackets from a sweat shirt. They are fairly fast and easy and I am reducing the stash of trimmings bit by bit. If you are 5 and in kindergarten you love clothes that show off the holidays. I may do St. Patrick's day next. Who knows. There is also another baby quilt to be done as well before spring. What is that old saying "never enough hours in the day". I also knit a moebius scarf and that was given away before I even did a photo. Rather fun but mostly not very exciting.

Today the local quilt shop was open and I purchased the batting, and backing so tomorrow I can start the lay out and decide what type of quilting design this little baby will get. I did something I don't hear mentioned on the quilting shows or sites. I used my serger. I had lots of strips to sew together and it was so slick. Each piece came out perfectly and I feel that as this will make many trips to the washer the secure seams are a great idea.

My knitting seems not all that exciting these days. I have a pair of angora/wool mittens to finish up and to be honest am fighting with myself to finish them just dull, dull, dull. Perhaps tonight as I watch "Project Runway" I will get the second one knit. Sort of like "second sock syndrome".

At any rate I am still around and working on the things I love to do.