Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

At last I am getting a few projects finished up. Here is a pair of fingerless gloves. Great fun to knit and I was able to use some silk yarn from my stash. A double pleasure. Here it is summer and I am thinking gloves. I recently saw an article that called them reading gloves. Now I like that description. I love to sit with the Kindle at night and read in bed. This will keep my hands warm. I think I might just make some more. I have other things on needles and now perhaps I can finish up a few more in the next week. Then things knitterly come to a halt. Grandchildren will return for another visit as well as dear friends. Guess it is time to open up the kitchen. I spent yesterday getting a couple of things made and into the freezer and that will help out a lot. Tomorrow I hope to get more baking done. At least it was cool and that makes me feel more like doing baking.

I am hostess at bridge on Wednesday so will be doing a cake for that I am trying something new and will later let all of you who read this know the results.

On the 25th I will have cataract surgery and I am really looking forward to that. I know that sounds crazy but I have not been driving after dark as I know I don't see as well as I should. One eye will be done this month and the next 4 weeks later. Just in time for fall when it gets dark earlier. Now I call that planning ahead. Dr. Nick has promised I will be able to read all the writing on the TV screen from across the room. I guess we could get a larger TV but then what fun would that be?

Our dry weather has come and gone and the yard and flowers are most appreciative for some cooler temps and the rain. Now I need to work on a few that did not make it during the heat. They are sure looking sad.

More tomorrow on progress in the knitting department.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A new class in the works

I am getting ready to teach a new class in a week. Beads I just love them. Great fun and a quick reward for your knitting time. These darling little "mini purses" are such fun to make. Do not let the small needle size get to you. They are not difficult. You may purchase kits for these from
Here are a few little hints to help you in your knitting. I think if you attach the pin to the frame first it is much easier than after you have the purse sewn to the frame. Then sew the knitting to the frame before seaming up the sides. (fewer ends to work in). Work over a table the entire time with a towel or piece of fabric placed on top to catch loose beads. Now make a couple and have a ready supple of unique gifts.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The big 50

Not knitting this past weekend. Dave and I celebrated 50 years of marriage with close friends and family. It was a glorious day.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where or Where have I been lately?

I feel badly I have neglected posting for so long and will try and get more pictures up for you to check out the knitting. I just returned from the knitting camp held by Meg Swansen in Wisconsin. We had a project for a contest and we all knit a "Suspender Sweater" from her new book "Knit One Knit All" A great contest for all of us. Here is a picture of mine. Hopefully more pictures in the days to follow, I am doing a lot of teaching these days and really do love it as well as working as a sales rep. I just need more hours in the day. Tomorrow my family arrives, daughter, hubby, Louis and Lillie and 3 dogs. Then they will be returning my 2 dogs! What 5 dogs in the house. It will be busy. Saturday is our 50th yes I said 50th wedding anniversary and we will be having a small party. So after all of that I shall be a better blogger.