Monday, May 11, 2009


OK where have I been? Take a look at this mess! I had to move from my little office in the laundry room up to the kitchen because it is toooo darn cold to type downstairs. We seem to have a bit of a delay on summer arriving here. I do not consider 40 in the morning warm weather. Now I am in the kitchen working like wild. I have a 3 workshops to be finished up, the directions written, the samples knit and the booklets for hand outs printed. Way behind would be a good way to put it. This picture is of where I am knitting and writing right now. On top of this I have now taken a job. I am a sales rep. for ChiaoGoo knitting needles. This means learning the numbers and the line. But oh how much fun to visit yarn shops and see what goes. I personally love the needles and so that makes it easy. As well as they are so wonderful and nice to work for. Then add to the mix out of town company coming Wednesday, The covers to sew for daughters camper and getting hubby off for a free fishing trip he was asked to participate in. I think home alone a few days will be a good thing for me. It does not end. June 5,6,7 I will be teaching for the Buffalo Knitting Guild. What fun to do once the preparations are all complete. Also will be visiting yarn shops the day before the workshops.a tough job for sure. Then it is off to TNNA in Columbus, this for work as well. Back home again and then a brunch to host for some out of town company. So if you don't hear from me for a bit I am alive and well. Really involved with all things knitting I will try my best. Perhaps some great pictures of neat knitting things from my travels.

Susie has two graduations in her family to attend to. But once that Katie is finished she will have even more time to knit. I hope we get her to blog a bit for us. Once her life is quiet.

I don't forget about all of you who take time to read this but sometimes "my life gets in the way"

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