Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I keep thinking there is something important I have forgotten. Well I even had time for a bit of a nap this afternoon. That should tell all of you I am at last ready for Christmas. Everything is finished, wrapped and ready to load up in the morning. We are off to enjoy the holiday with the rest of our little family. Usually at this time I am still in a fluff about finishing things, wrapping, baking and the like.

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of "a random act of kindness". I was visiting our local animal shelter to drop off a few things. A check as well. I only wish I had more to give to the wonderful animals. Their sad lot in life is none of their doing. People who acted thoughtlessly put them there. I try to help in some small way. OK I digress, one of the helpers at the facility came in and asked if the grey car was mine. Yes indeed, well I had a tire about to be big time flat. This nice young man directed me to a very close garage. ( had no idea there was one where he sent me). In fast fashion the tire was up and the other ones checked. I had out my wallet and offered to pay. NO indeed I was wished a Merry Christmas. This is how life should be. Find someone and do something nice. The joy you will find inside is amazing. It need not be much, perhaps just "would you like to be in front of me in the line?.

My wish for all of you is the very best. If we are warm and fed and most important of all healthy what more can we ask. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Camera is on the charger so the computer took this in my little office. My travel project. A new pair of socks.......

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My how time does fly. I find it hard to believe it has been almost a month since my last post. Well here is my dirty little secret. I have been sewing big time and knitting my fingers to the bone as well. The count to date is: 6 of those fun scarves called either marshmallow or pom pom depending on which brand you purchase. The purple one in the photo is the marshmallow...It is the more expensive of the yarns. Yet still a knitted gift for $10.00 or less and only a few hours of knitting time. It does not get any better. Then there is the soft and cozy brown scarf. That is from "mini mochi " from Crystal Palace. I love this yarn. Here is the wonderful old standby pattern feather and fan over 43 stitches. Great how this yarn shaded and it made a nice long scarf with 2 balls of yarn.
On to the socks. The bright green is called "Irish Spring" for my Irish friend. I got this as part of my sock of the month club membership. The pretty deep blue came from there as well. Then the beaded socks for the little grand daughter. The yarn and beads from my stash and the pattern from the book "Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch". I only did the beads for half of the ribbed cuff then did a turning ridge and turned the cuff down. I like it better. Straight cuffs don't stay up on my little granddaughter.

Then there is the sewing. A night gown for same little grand daughter, and matching pj's for the big brother.
Here is a hint for all of you who sew. When I make elastic waist pants for the grandchildren I use a piece of twill tape in a square at the center back. Makes it so easy for them to put them on the right way.

A Christmas jacket made from a sweatshirt for Lillie. Just cut off the ribbings open up the front and decorate your heart out. I used a ton of hot glue on crystals for stars and tree decorations. Plain old ribbon for the back and the rick rack candy cane.

Then there were 5 fancy chiffon embroidered tutu's for the ballet class. No pictures they have already left here.

Plus 20 little polar fleece hats with the Charlie Brown print for the entire kindergarten as well as the teacher and two helpers.

I am now down to the wire with only the one little sock to finish, and a pair of fingerless gloves. The cookie baking has also started. I may just make it this year.

No matter what holiday you celebrate may yours be very special.