Thursday, August 13, 2009


Now I feel it is time to catch up on what has been happening in my life. I left a week ago today for Buffalo, NY and the Knitting and Crochet Guild of America summer convention. The company I work for was helping out in the booth for this shop .

I just love these shows where fiber artists congregate. A couple of exciting things went on I need to share. One was discovering fantastic hand dyed yarn. Bjorn Coordt and Rex Tannahil from this fabulous giant skein of yarn. The one shown here belongs to my friend Lou and I brought it home to wind. I love the fact these all have the name of an opera. I am a big opera fan. Just for the color alone I chose "La Boheme". This is my favorite opera and as chance would have it the colors I love the most. The one pictured I need to wind is called "Rigoletto"

I work as a sales rep for ChiaoGoo knitting needles and they surprised me with something I had on my wish list. Wonderful 7" single pointed needles. My current passion is knitting modular things like the crayon box jacket which started it all. They are wonderful. Light and with a great point and beautiful balance. How nice to see something I asked for become a reality. They certainly were well received that is for sure. I am working on a couple of projects which are not quite ready for me to show you yet.

Naturally there were other yarns and here is what I bought not that I needed yarn. I am winding, winding, winding.

Saw some really fantastic things. I was particularly amazed at the great number of crochet people who attended. I get the feeling Tunisian crochet is big right now. I don't know how yet but apparently those hooks are not easy to find. Linda had them in her booth so I learned a lot about this form of needle work. I saw an amazing sweater that for all the world looked like knit but in fact was really crochet. You never know!

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