Monday, August 23, 2010


Of all the things there are to knit creating a shawl is my most favorite. There are always several on needles here. I do sometimes get sidetracked and don't finish up as I should. I am doing a shawl presentation at Stash Busters yarn shop on Saturday so I got my self moving. I like to call this "The Art of the Shawl" I really do feel they are an art form. So yesterday I finished up "The Traveling Woman Shawl" from Ravelry. It was fun to knit and it was a good take along project. I am working hard to reduce the stash. (Bet that statement brings a laugh from everyone). At any rate this is yarn from Interlacements, Toasty Toes color 210 Merino wool.It is supposedly a sock yarn. more like a sport weight. I think it a bit heavy as I like finer knits for socks. Been around a long time. I added an extra repeat across as well as knitting pattern A one more time that written. I think it would be a bit small if I had not done this. Did I worry towards the end about how much yarn I had left? You bet I did but the knitting Gods were with me and I even had a couple of yards left.

The second red shawl was a commercial pattern. Knit from a pattern by Karabella for Gossamer. I enjoyed knitting it as the red shawl was my second one from this pattern. The first I did in the yarn requested and pictured on the pattern. If you do this one be sure to purchase a couple extra skeins. The red shawl I made some modifications to the original and knit it from Brown Sheep Fantasy lace. Long ago discontinued. See I really am doing some stash reduction.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Here we are, parallel lives at work. Now let me think.....what news do I have since last Joan and I posted? Oh Yes, I know. I have a new Grandson! Linkoln William Stewart arrived Feb 4th and is he a hoot! Of course being the good friend and excellent knitter that she is, Joan sent him a sweater and cap. So cute and my Daughter in Law loved it! Is that adorable or what?


It seems forever since I did any blogging but I feel it is time I did a bit of it. Things are so busy I just felt overwhelmed. Now with the approach of fall even if it is hotter than -----. I am as always knitting but have a new as hubby calls it "fad of the week" . Hubby has spent the last few winters working on building a doll house for our darling now 6 year old grand daughter. My project was the interior design and such. It really was a lot of work but fun as well. I made tiny little things, quilts and curtains and pillows and the like. Thought you would like to see just what has kept me so darn busy. So here are the pictures of Lillie's House.

Lots of knitting going on as well. So more to follow on that later but first the house.