Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rescue babies

While I was away this past weekend there was a lot going on about things back home. I had a wonderful time seeing old college friends. For many it has been 50 years since the last visit. While I was enjoying a step back in time I was busy on the cell phone doing something most rewarding. I had a call from a humane officer telling me of some special little dogs needing homes. Well as the animal lover I am it is hard to understand how someone could be so heartless and cruel and run a puppy mill. But this story has a happy ending. All the dogs that needed a home have one. I have my darling little friend for Sammy. He loves her, a bit jealous sometimes but every hour is better. She is so dear and sweet and can not believe she is living in a home. Never away from my side. With her came the last of her last littler of puppies who is going to be a big hit with my grandchildren. He does not have a name that is for Louis and Lillie to do so I just call him baby. I am not going to picture his mom for a while as I don't want any one to know just where she is. But there are lots of puppies that look like baby. Her Mommie's name will be a secret for a long time in case someone would by some remote way guess who and where these darlings are. Rest assured they have a wonderful life now. Full of love, great health care and all the things a pet deserves. I don't walk two feet with out someone right behind me and we are doing nothing for a few days but giving lots of love to these little dogs.

If ever you have a chance to befriend a poor abused animal, I can tell you the rewards far outweigh any work they create. My words to you are "go for it"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now just what have I been doing???

I can not believe how quickly time flies and I have neglected the blogging. Well here goes. First I had this little girl staying with me for a week. My darling grand daughter who is 4. She wanted to stay 100 days. Well we did a week and we shall do more. I do nothing but entertain her and play. Great fun. Just a little knitting goes on when Miss Lillie is here. The picture of her is when we had lunch after meeting her Mother to take her home. But by Halloween she will be back for a couple of days.

The knitting at this time is quite simple. Our local library is collecting hand knit articles to sell as a fund raiser in conjunction with "One Book Bradford" This year they encourage the town to read the "Blizzard Children" I have already done these two hats and will some mittens and fingerless gloves. I think Sammy wants to unravel the pink hat or else he thinks the top is something good to eat.

Tomorrow we are off to a fraternity reunion with my husband. Back to college we will go for homecoming. It should be most interesting to see a lot of old friends. It has been 50 years since we have seen many of them. Should be a fun event. I will however take a bit of knitting for the car. That is only if I don't fall asleep. I still have packing to do and gathering of yarn. I bet I do the yarn part first!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yes I am making progress on the catching up part of my life. As you can tell it was a really good day today. The socks are finished for the Halloween sock swap. Tomorrow or perhaps Thursday I shall make the candy and pack the box. Stay tuned to see what goes in the box. What fun gathering gifts for some one you only know by the questions they answered to register. So here are the socks. I used a free pattern called Jaywalking and special yarn from Ruby Sapphire called trixie at least that is what I think it is. Wonderful to knit with and oh so soft. I used my special double pointed Signature needles in size 1. Those are worth every penny to me. Now I await the size 0 as this sock would be to large for me. You all know that old trick, drop the needle and keep the stitch count the same. And now I have finished my night cap. A healthy? Cosmopolitain. Made with cranberry /pomegranite juice which I hear is healthy. Never mind the other ingrediants. Good night to all.


Here is the inside cover of my special book. I just had to show all of you what a neat gift this was. It warms my heart. Thanks Paula!


I think it is about time I got all of you caught up with what has been happening around here.  I did get the pictures of the shawl I made Paula up but now to the wonderful gifts that Paula brought to me.  They are indeed just incredible.  First her sister in law in Finland knit wonderful warm socks for both hubby and I.  Nice and warm to wear in the evenings.  With frost here this morning mine will have their maiden voyage today.  Then something really special arrived in her suitcase.  It is a beautiful hat from the special knitwear designer in Finland.  Paula made a trip to her shop for me.  Now that is what I call thoughtful.  Sirkka Kononen is the most amazing designer.  The hat is something to behold.  I am inspired by the color work in the brim and am filing that away for some future project.  I thought the pom pom on the top worthy of its own picture.  Look at the different colors so perfectly placed! Then there is her book which is a portrait of a fine textile artist.  Paula purchased the book for me, then Sirkka did a drawing inside along with her autograph.  The pictures will inspire any knitter.  Below this is a wonderful message from Paula herself.  How blessed I am to have such a friend in a far away place.  These pictures from Sirkka are truly eye candy for a knitter.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


DRT08complete.pngThis has been so darn much fun to be a part of.  I can only hope there will be another one next year.  And now on to the Halloween Sock Swap!