Sunday, April 19, 2009


This sweater nearly did me in. Yes as dear husband says why do you wait until the last minute? I don't really know but I seem to always do this. I thought since I had the cute jacket for Lillie for Easter it would only be fair to knit Louis a sweater. Here is is and he does look handsome I think. However I found doing this in just a few days was not smart. I have been in knitting jail ever since. I apparently pulled my neck muscles and had such pain I was in the ER. Thanks to some great meds ,which make me so sleepy I can't stay awake. I am nearly back to normal but no knitting has taken place here in over a week and I am suffering from serious withdrawal. Now I can always blame it on the other things I was doing for the grandchildren like cut out cookies and a purse/basket for Lillie. I know inside was the knitting.

The yarn came from my stash, some wonderful stuff my friend Ann shared with me a long time ago. It is called "memory yarn" mostly cotton with an elastic fiber added in. Manufactured by Melrose. The directions call for you to make a size larger than normal as well as each section an inch longer. I did all of the above and it was a perfect fit. This stuff is wonderful no sag and ba and ribbing really ribs. Louis was so pleased he had it on all weekend. Now I am going to hunt the stash and see if I have some more of this great stuff. I did find while knitting that the regular metal needles were a bit sticky with this yarn and went back to the good old fashioned Balene that I hold so dear and have stashed away.

Now I am baby sitting with daughters dog while they vacation. The large dogs are at the kennel but the little fellow Bandit (he is in the center) is here with me along with his mom Vera and Sam the original Cavalier who lives here.

More later on what goes on here. I have another project to show you all later.

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Emily said...

Knitting would NEVER betray you like that! It must have been the cookies At least you have a bunch of furry friends to comfort you.

I'm glad you are feeling better, even if you are sleepy, and I'm sure you'll be "back on the horse" in no time!