Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My class knit along project is making progress but with help like this who knows if I will be finished at the proper time. Sammy just loves to knit. At least I think that is what he is doing. I have frogged his previous attempt and now have this one to think about and tink.

Also on my needles is a sweater for a special family member that is taking a ton of time. He asked for a plain fine knit sweater, I am working working working on it. At 8 stitches to the inch and 11 rows. A man's 44 seems to be taking me forever and ever. Slow going but I shall keep working.

Happy Thanksgiving to all I am off to eat turkey with the grandchildren.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


No not abducted by aliens, not lost in the woods . I just have not had any time to do the blog. Life sometimes gets in the way.
The chair redo was the big job #1. Daughter purchased it at a charity rumage sale. Then delivered it to me. So many coats of paint later, a new cushion and all it is ready for Thanksgiving delivery. Hubby was in charge of paint, Paint he choose not to do so off to the auto body shop for a good spray. That was all well and good, but please dear hubby remove all the old fabric first. So then we had paint filled old fabric which had to come off. Many new vocabulary words later, that was accomplished, then the new base to go under the cushion had to be recut. I now have words I could use that is if I choose to that I have not heard before. Four "snits" later he had it ready for me. Then the sewing began. I am quite pleased with the chair and know Kathy will be as well. She plans to use it as a knitting rocker. YES YES YES.

Following this sewing marathon I made new curtains for one bedroom in the hunting camp. As the boys and I use that term loosely are getting older, the camp gets more like a second home for them. They now have a bathroom newer than the one in our home, laminate floors, new windows, heat and lots more goodies so they are not "stressed" when they go to hunt. My translation of their hunting is .......HUNTING A WARM PLACE TO SLEEP AND EAT.......

I am also teaching three classes of knitting a week. WOW I love each and every one of my students dearly. We are doing stranded knitting using two hands in one class. I created a double knit headband for this class. I like the idea of a waste yarn cast on then some stocking stitch in the round. A purl round and then the pattern, another purl round the plain stocking stitch and kitchner stitch together. Makes it warm and nice inside and out.

I shall post this get the other photos and catch all of you up to date with the other knitting in progress.

More later today.

Friday, November 2, 2007


I have returned home from a glorious visit with the grandchildren that included seeing them all dressed for Halloween. I arrived home to find this wonderful package from my " Fall Into Autum Dish Cloth Swap" partner. Cindy from Knitsabouttime, sure did her home work on me.
All the favorite things I love, take a real good look, pink yarn, hand lotion, sweet soap with flowers and one with roses my favorite flower, note cards and mmmm the best jasmine tea. It does not get any better. I call this photo THE GOOD. What pure joy to find such thoughtful gifts....Family who have known me for 50 years never even get close to knowing the things I dearly love. Just amazing.
Now we come to the BAD

I always carry socks to knit with me. In my purse were these socks, not finished and the purse not completely zipped. The Bad who is named Sammy did this to my socks, hense the name bad. Did you ever see such an ugly mess. It will take me hours to get this all back on track.

Time now to get caught up after the trip.


now here is the ugly mess Mr. Sammy created. I shall work on two things now, fixing this mess and keeping things farther away from the little devil, I am having posting problems today so things are a bit out of order just like the knitting. sometimes days go like this in life and in knitting.


Things are not working this morning. Pictures are reversed and I can not post the picture of the sock. Be patient perhaps later to day.