Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just what goes on here?

It hardly seems possible I have been away from this blog for so long. I am most sorry. First it was the computer which would no longer burn a CD. I decided in what now seems foolishness to send it in to be repaired while the Apple Care was still in effect. I only had a few days left on this coverage. Yes I know they say back things up. Well I did the best I could and off it went. Returned in 3 days and I was thrilled until I started it up. I found out they had wiped it clean. You got it I lost all of the information I had not backed up. I can not tell you the hours spent to reinstall everything. Things are pretty much as good as it is going to get at this point. Did I register a complaint you bet I did but what is that old saying "it is what it is".

Then we had Thanksgiving and we were away with the family for a week. I did a bit of Christmas shopping but not a lot of knitting. I did enjoy the time with the family and would not trade that for anything. Once I returned it back to teaching some knitting classes and this gives me great joy to share what I have been blessed to learn over the years.

Next project was to get the out of town gifts wrapped and mailed. This included 3 hand made knitting bags. Done!

All the while work on my hand made gifts. There are photos here of what I made and there will be more after Christmas. I just had to get some of the things all wrapped. Now it is time to show all of you who care to look just what I have been knitting. Not in these pictures as I lost the camera files as well are a sweater for Lillie and a hat with matching sweater and hat for her American girl doll which is what my gift to her is at Christmas. Then there were hand knit socks for my Louis.

Now here are the pictures and what I knit. A scarf and fingerless gloves in pretty blue with yarn from the stash. Makes me feel very thrifty. Then my own pattern for the red line shawl in doll size. Sock yarn doll clothes. Also pot holders sewn and kitchen towels to match.

If you have not seen the new book out "Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders" edited by Judith Durant. Please run don't walk and pick up a copy. The sock yarn doll clothes are from this book and I want to start on page one and knit my through this gem.

I now have the special hazelnut biscotti made for my son in law for Christmas, the cookies baked and as I write this everything is all wrapped up. I now need to put the "sticky buns" in the oven for the bridge party.

Happy Holidays to all of you and I must hurry back to the needles there is still a sock that needs a foot.....