Thursday, May 29, 2008

What have I been doing?

I have been on the road again. A visit to the Grandchildren. But always knitting. I worked on a Wallaby sweater for Miss Llillie. I love the yarn. Classic Worsted LP from Universal Yarns. in a color called "baby shades" This is such a great pattern for travel knitting for me. I have made so many of these that it is mindless at this point. In child size not large to tote around either.

Now I am working on the dullest project in a very long time. I have no idea what the final plan for dish cloths might be, however I have a request from the best grandson in the world for 20 before the end of the school year. I am sure any ideas any of you might have for a clever presentation would be greatly appreciated. I am sure there are some wonderful ideas out in knitting land.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I have at last found a few minutes in which to fill everyone in on what is going on in my knitting life. Last week I had the great pleasure to present a program on mittens to the Rochester, NY knitting guild. What a warm welcome I received. How nice to be able to share my great passion of knitting with all the members. Their interest was wonderful to see. I will from time to time show some of the mittens we talked about here. First I would like you to see some of my collection of mittens knit by others. In Minneapolis, MN there are a group of women from Latvia who knit these delightful mini-mittens. Hard to imagine doing these tiny little things. Thanks to Lizabeth Upitis I have a nice little collection I would like to share with all of you. Enjoy!

I am working on a pattern and workshop guide for the Paula mitten and preparing to teach a class on this mitten. If that were not enough I am also working on a lesson plan on the "Wonderful Wallaby " sweater by Carol Anderson. Over the years I have made many of these and done classes as well. I have a few things I do differently when knitting this most practical of sweaters. Soon but don't expect it over night. I will have a little pamphlet to go with your wallaby pattern. This has been a request from students and daughter alike. Now I am knitting a wallaby for Miss Lillie and doing the notes.

You can always be sure when I don't blog I am knitting on something or other. I can not remember a day I did not knit. It is my passion and sanity.

Have a great weekend and I am off next week to get a grandchildren fix.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I just finished this little sweater in time to take to Miss Lillie tomorrow. I fell in love with the pattern the minute my friend Sally found it in Australia or was it New Zeland. I just thought it was so precious. I used yarn from the stash. (can I hear a cheer?) It is a DK weight chenille from Sirdar in a color called Rosetree. It was wonderful no brain knitting, all that garter stitch. I found that each time I reached a new part of the pattern if I put in a little plastic safety pin. I could then count the ridges all the directions were in rows not inches. After all one ridge in garter stitch equals 2 rows. How neat was that. It was also so easy to seam up as nothing is easier than garter stitch.

Buttons also came from my stash, I purchased them last June at TNNA. I am most sad I don't get to go again this year it was a wonderful experience. At any rate I had just enough of the large buttons. Then comes the question of the small one on the pocket. I took a white button from that old button box and used a colored sharpie to make it match. I remembered what my daughter said about that ink. "I have yet to find anything that will remove it". I think perhaps Miss Lillie did a little art work somewhere she should not have with one of these magic pens. I know it will not bleed so we shall see how the laundry treats this button. I can always color it once again.

Teddy was the most fun of all. All soft and sweet. The directions were very interesting, it was one of those things you follow one step at a time and have no clue where you are going. However it came out perfect.

Now for a picture in the sweater! All this and I did not have to purchase one thing. Makes me feel quite good to be honest.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well it is finally finished, now to write the pattern. As I am sure you remember I went to Wisconsin a few weeks ago to take the wonderful class from Susanna Hansson on the mittens from Lapland. I came home with all sorts of knitting in my mind. I have at last done the first proto type of the mitten I designed based on the class information. The final one will be with different colors as I have named it in honor of my dear friend Paula who was an exchange student with me in high school many years ago. I so well remember the beautiful pink shoes she wore. The final one in the pattern will be done with pink. I have the colors and now to write the pattern. It was great fun to design this mitten. The cuff features ribbing under the pattern band. I used a chart from a wonderful book Handplagg which is in Swedish and no I can not read the words but a chart I can knit. This chart is what is shown on their mitten from Finland . I am following Elizabeth in knitting mittens in May.

Monday, May 5, 2008


When I posted the previous blog I was just taking pictures from the" My knitting museum". As I am working on mittens for a presentation for the Rochester, NY guild next Monday night, I was searching for what Elizabeth Zimmermann said about knitting mittens. I turned to my trusty copy of "Knitter's Almanac", checked out the month of May and indeed she suggests we knit mittens in May. Now let me go on to tell all of you I have owned this book over 25 years. It is a first edition hard cover which "the Elizabeth" herself signed. LO and BEHOLD there on page 23 is a picture. What did I see the mitten I photographed for you a few days earlier. Sometimes I miss what is right before my eyes. This has always been a treasure and now even more so. Just thought you all should know what a wonderful discovery I made today.