Friday, August 14, 2009


Yesterday I showed you all the yarn from the Buffalo Show. Last night and this morning I worked at warp speed. I wound it all. I wound last night until I just got tired. Can you imagine I wound the two 3 large balls for Lou, each one of these had 420 yards and then I did the jumbo hank. I had 12 balls of yarn from that dandy skein. The big blue Rigoletto. That beauty was 1400 yards. Worst part of all it was too large for the swift and I have two and neither one was big enough. So it meant winding from the back of two chairs, not my favorite way to wind. However if you do not have a swift this works quite nicely. By using two chairs and placing the hang around both you can adjust the size and the yarn stays at the top of the chair backs. Huge improvement over it dropping down by the seat.

The second yarn in the multi and also the green is for me. Those 4 hanks had 420 yards in each. Enough of this winding stuff. Now to knit a bit.

What am I making you ask. Well I am really into this modular stuff. That plus some new needles I will show you later on has me really hooked. This yarn is for a jacket for me. Something I don't do often. Older posts will show you the "Crayon Box Jacket" I did for Lillie and I fell in love with this kind of knitting. I am also working on a pattern to share with all of you in a while.

Hubby has the weekend off so I won't get to any of this until the first of the week. Have a great weekend.

If you have yarn to wind think of me!!

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