Friday, September 18, 2009


I think this deserves two pictures. The first one is the completed shawl and the second one a close up so you can see the "delicious yarn"

From that wonderful yarn I told you about a few weeks ago here is a shawl. My most favorite pattern to knit. It just seems to flow off the needles. Feather and Fan or old shale what ever name you choose to call it. I used the yarn I got in Buffalo at the Knitting Guild convention. It was one I could not wait to knit. Now it is cold I have a new shawl. I used Cheryl Oberle's pattern from Folk Shawls. I love what the colors did for this. I think if I made it again I would make it wider and shorter but that is neither here or there. Just thought you would like to take a look.

Today was a grand day. I made a sales call in Warren, Pa and met up with two knitting friends from long ago. It was as if Pam and Steph and I had been together daily for all these years. A wonderful lunch, good conversation and a visit to a yarn shop. We had fun talking about the dish rag tag. We are all on different teams. Great contest. It is moving along nicely. I love my team members and I love our name. KNITTING FOOLS. That sure describes me.

We met at Tybout house of crafts is most interesting. Where I stopped to see Pricilla and show her the new items you will shortly be seeing in your yarn shops and here as well. I only wish I had more time to wander about and money to spend. Nice place to stop and see. Cookies, something to drink and just enjoy the company. Absolutely charming.

Now tomorrow I am off to see the grandchildren. One of my great delights in life. I will also be visiting at least 3 more yarn shops. I have some interesting things to show them. Later on I shall share with all of you. ChiaoGoo has new things for knitters and what a treat they are. Always reasonable in price. I like having something so nice to sell to shop owners.

Naturally I am taking along a lot of knitting. We shall see just how much I can get done.

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