Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well I have a new favorite thing to knit. Mitered squares. So fast and rewarding. After the two crayon box jackets I thought now what well along comes Melody Johnson of fibermania and she has two of the greatest free patterns on her blog. Neck warmers indeed winter is around the corner. Where I live we had snow now nice weather but more snow to come. Perhaps that hint of cold was to really motivate me. I knit one from the original pattern and now I am nearly finished with the second version. I love them. Now I know that they move along so very fast for me because I have the perfect needles. Yes I am partial to my friends at ChiaoGoo but these 7" needles are just the best for small projects. I have always owned only circular needles and double points but these are the perfect solution for those small things. Perfect for these squares. Not expensive $5.00 and under at the yarn shops. I am having the time of my life. Did a demonstration at the local yarn shop last week and found lots of others excited by this as well. Now I am off to Rochester, NY tomorrow. I will participate in the "Yarn Crawl" I will be doing several demonstrations at My Yarn Boutique, doing my version of the square, some socks with beads and who knows what else. I can hardly wait. If you are in the area come and join us.

Heads up if you live near Jamestown, NY there is the most charming yarn shop coming your way before long. I had a great time with the owner yesterday and will fill you all in on the grand opening when the time comes. Don't you love it when you hear there will be some place new to travel to?

(yes I use my washer top as a photo shop. I seem to get better contrast there than anywhere else) What ever works, works.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My knitting is not progressing as I wish it would. I have spent untold hours trying to find a way not to breathe what this is putting in the air across the street in this very nice residential neighborhood. I have written more letter, made investigations, begged officials and everything I can think of. For three weeks now and it is quite warm here our live has been a living hell. Sore throats etc. you name it. The poor asthma suffers in this community are choking as well.

I don't usually put personal things like this on my blog but I am looking for real help. Local officials just pass the buck. I know out there someone may just have a solution please help me out if you can.

It is 60 degrees outside today and this is what I see when I look out the window of my knitting place.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Been wondering where I have been? Here is the answer. Big time busy. When I attended the Hemlock, NY fiber fest I happened upon a wonderful booth full of shawls. I particularly liked one called River Run. This was the middle of September. Each year I donate a shawl to the local Elf Fund Auction and I decided this one would be perfect. Winding the tencel which was hand dyed was a real a feat unto itself. You need a core of some sort so I started with the core of that bathroom paper we all use. Great idea but it slipped on the ball winder. Then I tried again and in the process had a real mess. Yarn everywhere and tangled like you would not believe. Two days later, I wound it onto the winder plastic core. Then placed that in one of those plastic jars with the hole in the top for yarn. I then knit from this. Worked perfect but I could wind yarn for nothing else during this time. Not really a bad idea. There is a 1000 yards of "thread." One thing held up progress big time and that was a mistake in the 29 stitch edging. I have advised the pattern designer of this so no one else should have to take the hours of ripping and knitting I did.

Then the beads, 1700 the pattern says, seemed like a million to me. Each one placed with a crochet hook. At last I have finished, taken a photo and blocked the shawl. I am now free to return to my Christmas knitting. Now you know what I have been up to.

I finished up last week but did not block until after the grandchildren and dogs went home. I only had 5 dogs in the house for a weekend. Not the time to block a shawl.

Strangest thing is I want to start another one. I do love lace knitting. You really get a lot of knitting for a small amount of money and so rewarding after you block.