Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I just might make it after all!

Things are moving along here at a brisk pace. I have finished making the cut out cookies with a hats off to Martha Stewart. She suggested rolling the dough out on a silicone sheet, covering the dough with clear plastic wrap. Now cut out the cookies, remove the waste dough around each cookie and slide the silicone sheet onto a metal baking sheet and bake. It was a glorious hint as there was no flour all over the kitchen and the cookies tasted the best ever. Now they go to the grandchildren who always decorate them on Christmas eve after dinner.

The croc socks are finished. I used the online pattern but found that they would be much to large if you followed the directions given. I dropped the needle to a 9 and they fit a man who wears a 10 shoe. Then I used a cast on of 28 stitches for the second pair and they fit a ladies size small. I may just need to make a pair of these for myself when all is quieter here.

Today on the list a little bit of wrapping and I mean very little. Then it is time to bake the biscotti. I have a son in law who says this is his favorite gift. I can not disappoint him. Last year I had foot surgery and there were no cookies or biscotti so I have to make up for all of that this year.

We leave tomorrow for a short trip to see Louis and Lillie and spend a few days of in my opinion pure joy. Even with 5 dogs, 1 cat and a guinea pig in the house.

My wish for all of you is a glorious holiday season and blessing in the new year.

Merry Christmas


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Almost Ready

I have been very very busy. Now I am nearly ready. Just a pair and a half of croc socks to knit and a lace edge for a pillow case. I have one case finished. Hey I have until Tuesday. Knit faster is the motto. First about the tree. When I visit my daughter and grand children there will be 5 dogs in the house so I did a little tree all decorated with treats for them. Then there are the navy blue and white socks for our dear neighbors who asked for Penn State socks. I had Ruby Sapphire custom dye the yarn and I am most pleased.

Then the fingerless mitts. I actually have finished 3 pairs of these. I just did not have the other one ready for the phot.

Last but by all means not least are the socks that resulted from the yarn dying project over Thanksgiving. These are Miss Lillie's own colors. Bubble gum, cotton candy and blueberry. All of which she choose and did the dying. I was to knit the socks and make them I did. I think the colors came out great. Thanks to who ever thought up culinary colors as it sure is child friendly. I know she will love her socks.

The blue socks are the on line pattern for croc socks. I will admit they are larger than what the pattern states. They fit dear hubby as well as son in law. I dropped the needle size to a 9 and lengthened the foot. Now just perfect. I have one more pair to do and I will go down to a 6 needle I think for a ladies size. I don't feel I knit loosely but who knows at this time of year.

At any rate it is wild here. Packages are wrapped at this point and I have company coming for dinner tonight and a gift exchange as well as tomorrow for lunch.

Cookie baking is still on hold here.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday while I was nearly having a melt down over the Christmas to do list. This arrived from my special friend. Now I am moving along with the knitting and all the rest. Pictures to follow later today on the knitting. That Susie is so special.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I am having the most wonderful time on my mini vacation. I am extending my Thanksgiving for a week and doing fun things with the grandchildren. Last night my daughter had the children dying sock yarn. It was great fun. How nice that the "Culinary Colors" dye is child safe. Lillie and Louis are dying sock yarn for special socks for Lillie's Godfather for Christmas. They dyed some other skeins as well. Kathy will knit up the special "God Father socks" and I shall do some of the others. It was great fun and we are now waiting for the yarn to dry. More pictures to follow. We are using the natural sock yarn from Knit Picks and this is something an entire family can be a part of. Note the garbage bag dying smocks on the children. My daughter was most creative with this. We had no spills or messes. Just a whole lot of fun and now to wait to knit.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have always felt there was great value in handwork, be it knitting my personal passion or what ever. Now I know for sure this is true. In the small town where I live where the recession has really arrived here is what happened on Thursday evening. It was suggested to me by a woman on the Elf Fund committee that I should donate something hand knit for the charity auction. This charity helps our elderly and needy children year round. Called "The Elf Fund" 2008 is the 25th anniversary year. They choose special items for the live auction, those they feel will bring the higher prices. Also there was Chinese auction and a silent auction.

Many of us have spent hours and hours working on an item only to find that when we give it to charity they don't even receive the price of the yarn. I found this not to be true. After being reviewed by the committee I was told this would do very well. This is a gala affair in this small town and my husband and I love to attend. I did not feel I had a lot of money to donate this year so I did what I thought would help them. I donated a Shetland Shawl. The pattern is from Gemma Ord. A very old and traditional one.

This item brought $500.00 at the auction. I can not tell you how thrilled I was. I now have started something and been warned that they want another shawl next year. I shall be pleased to answer this request. This event certainly will be the highlight of my holiday season. To be able to help those less fortunate with my most favorite thing to do.

When you receive a request such as this take the time to ask what you should do and how it will be sold, then knit accordingly. It is to me the act of giving of ones self.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today I learned why I was so blessed with the glorious box of yarn. It is all due to "Dish Rag Tag The Sequel". Emily posted me that I was a winner from the contest. Old lady never at a loss for words is, I received for Congeniality. I am just so thrilled I can't think of anything to say except a big thank you for those who submitted my name. To all of you, I really do appreciate this and what it means.

Looking forward to knitting up this glorious stash and next years dish rag tag.


Saturday, November 15, 2008


This morning the mail lady left me the most exciting package. Hubby said "What did you buy this time?" My response was nothing. There is this giant box. With my name on it. OK so here I go. The first thing I come to is the darling card that says Congratulations, Beth. I am at a loss as to what this is all about. I start unwrapping all these wonderful tissue wrapped packages. Well what do I find? Amazing Christmas cards with a knitted mitten on the front. One of these I shall frame for the knitting wall pictures. Then as I delve deeper I find yarn, yarn and more yarn. Each package more exciting than I can imagine. I have soft blue kid merino,( a special scarf?), then a glorious huge skein from Interlacements hand dyed in my favorite colors (I feel a shawl coming on here), 2 balls of Creative Focus, alpaca and wool in of all things the color PINK. My most favorite color of all. Some scrumptious soft grey tencel and alpaca (oh the mind is racing now). If this were not enough 2 more skeins of Frog Tree Alpaca. My knitting mind is now on over load. There is also a skein of Bartlett natural wool in super chunky. I can't quite believe my good fortune.

Now I have no idea the reason for this glorious package, the card said "CONGRATULATIONS, BETH" You can be sure there will be a note off to the aforementioned Beth today. I have no idea why I am so blessed but let me tell all of you that I treasure this great gift box. I don't know what I did to be on the receiving end of something a knitter would dream about.

I can only hope that Beth reads this and sends me an email to tell me why I am so lucky, I never ever win anything so now this arrives in my mail. Knitters are the very best I have always known this and now all this to make my needles very happy.

I must first finish up the Christmas projects then watch out here come some wonderful things from this special stash. Thank goodness I don't have a ton of things waiting to be finished. I thought last night as I embarked on one of those gifts that I can get it all done. At least I think so.

I have a big smile on my face as I write this, and now to get on with the projects on the needles so I can start some wonderful new things, I always have "startitis" but right now just in my little old brain.

Many thanks Beth who ever you are.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tis The Season To Be Hunting!

Another parallel in our little lives???? The engineer hunting husbands! Are we bothered by the hunting thing??? No we are not. For every minute our husbands spend hunting it's a free minute for us to knit or sew. Do we mind the money spent hunting? No we do not. It's like this, OKAY Mister! I'll See your Deer tag and I'll raise you a set of Signature double point needles! When we want to stop in a knitting shop while traveling, we do. If there's any static we say, "Hey, how many times have we been to Gander Mountain, Cabela's ......add any store you like????? It all evens out and they know it. Bring on the season. We're happy to have the time!

Emmy Sends her Love

Are Vera and Sammy not the cutest little things you ever saw???? Emmy would love to have a freind around the house but her Daddy is not ready for two canines. So here she is either waiting for a friend or waiting for Sammy and Vera to visit.

Joan and I are once again on parallel plains. She emailed me about Lillie and Barbie, as I was reading it I thought OH, I have that Barbie and Me book....Two lines later in the email she says she has the same book.

I live for the day I can retire and knit as much as Joan does. I'm pretty sure I'll never reach the knit as WELL as Joan does but there's a plus side to that too. I can email her at any time and say "what the heck is this and how do I do it?" She responds so fast and lets me know what to do or not do. The world is so confused right now. I really think if everyone knitted....we could straighten out a lot of problems! Let's work on that!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last time I updated all of you it was not about knitting and the knitting still is in the back seat. The little puppy left here and went to a wonderful new home and has a new name Bandit. Still there is a happy animal rescue story around here. I now have a friend for Sammy her name is Vera and OH so sweet. She is part of the rescue plan as well. I felt that a puppy should be in a home with young people and so he is with children, to romp and play and sleep and cuddle with. He is one happy little guy. Now for my happy story. I have Miss Vera, a sweet 2 year old and how lovely she is. We have signed all the adoption papers with the rescue people and I have had her vet checked. All is happy, happy, happy here. She and Sam are doing very well together, we have a few issues at feeding time on Sam's part I might add. I am working on this and each day it is better. They snuggle up together and follow me every where. Now I can return to my knitting. I did manage to complete 6 dish cloths and deliver those to the person making the request. Another hat and mittens for the library charity sale. Next on the list is a sweater I am finishing. It was brought to me and the knitter unknown. It will also be donated to a charity auction. When I am finished I shall post a picture of this one. I think clothes for Barbie dolls will follow. My grand daughter 4 is really smitten with Barbie so that is what is on my schedule at present. Where does the time go, I thought I had a lot of time before Christmas to knit, well it came and went and I have little to show. So enjoy the picture of Sam and Vera and I am off to knit.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rescue babies

While I was away this past weekend there was a lot going on about things back home. I had a wonderful time seeing old college friends. For many it has been 50 years since the last visit. While I was enjoying a step back in time I was busy on the cell phone doing something most rewarding. I had a call from a humane officer telling me of some special little dogs needing homes. Well as the animal lover I am it is hard to understand how someone could be so heartless and cruel and run a puppy mill. But this story has a happy ending. All the dogs that needed a home have one. I have my darling little friend for Sammy. He loves her, a bit jealous sometimes but every hour is better. She is so dear and sweet and can not believe she is living in a home. Never away from my side. With her came the last of her last littler of puppies who is going to be a big hit with my grandchildren. He does not have a name that is for Louis and Lillie to do so I just call him baby. I am not going to picture his mom for a while as I don't want any one to know just where she is. But there are lots of puppies that look like baby. Her Mommie's name will be a secret for a long time in case someone would by some remote way guess who and where these darlings are. Rest assured they have a wonderful life now. Full of love, great health care and all the things a pet deserves. I don't walk two feet with out someone right behind me and we are doing nothing for a few days but giving lots of love to these little dogs.

If ever you have a chance to befriend a poor abused animal, I can tell you the rewards far outweigh any work they create. My words to you are "go for it"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now just what have I been doing???

I can not believe how quickly time flies and I have neglected the blogging. Well here goes. First I had this little girl staying with me for a week. My darling grand daughter who is 4. She wanted to stay 100 days. Well we did a week and we shall do more. I do nothing but entertain her and play. Great fun. Just a little knitting goes on when Miss Lillie is here. The picture of her is when we had lunch after meeting her Mother to take her home. But by Halloween she will be back for a couple of days.

The knitting at this time is quite simple. Our local library is collecting hand knit articles to sell as a fund raiser in conjunction with "One Book Bradford" This year they encourage the town to read the "Blizzard Children" I have already done these two hats and will some mittens and fingerless gloves. I think Sammy wants to unravel the pink hat or else he thinks the top is something good to eat.

Tomorrow we are off to a fraternity reunion with my husband. Back to college we will go for homecoming. It should be most interesting to see a lot of old friends. It has been 50 years since we have seen many of them. Should be a fun event. I will however take a bit of knitting for the car. That is only if I don't fall asleep. I still have packing to do and gathering of yarn. I bet I do the yarn part first!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yes I am making progress on the catching up part of my life. As you can tell it was a really good day today. The socks are finished for the Halloween sock swap. Tomorrow or perhaps Thursday I shall make the candy and pack the box. Stay tuned to see what goes in the box. What fun gathering gifts for some one you only know by the questions they answered to register. So here are the socks. I used a free pattern called Jaywalking and special yarn from Ruby Sapphire called trixie at least that is what I think it is. Wonderful to knit with and oh so soft. I used my special double pointed Signature needles in size 1. Those are worth every penny to me. Now I await the size 0 as this sock would be to large for me. You all know that old trick, drop the needle and keep the stitch count the same. And now I have finished my night cap. A healthy? Cosmopolitain. Made with cranberry /pomegranite juice which I hear is healthy. Never mind the other ingrediants. Good night to all.


Here is the inside cover of my special book. I just had to show all of you what a neat gift this was. It warms my heart. Thanks Paula!


I think it is about time I got all of you caught up with what has been happening around here.  I did get the pictures of the shawl I made Paula up but now to the wonderful gifts that Paula brought to me.  They are indeed just incredible.  First her sister in law in Finland knit wonderful warm socks for both hubby and I.  Nice and warm to wear in the evenings.  With frost here this morning mine will have their maiden voyage today.  Then something really special arrived in her suitcase.  It is a beautiful hat from the special knitwear designer in Finland.  Paula made a trip to her shop for me.  Now that is what I call thoughtful.  Sirkka Kononen is the most amazing designer.  The hat is something to behold.  I am inspired by the color work in the brim and am filing that away for some future project.  I thought the pom pom on the top worthy of its own picture.  Look at the different colors so perfectly placed! Then there is her book which is a portrait of a fine textile artist.  Paula purchased the book for me, then Sirkka did a drawing inside along with her autograph.  The pictures will inspire any knitter.  Below this is a wonderful message from Paula herself.  How blessed I am to have such a friend in a far away place.  These pictures from Sirkka are truly eye candy for a knitter.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


DRT08complete.pngThis has been so darn much fun to be a part of.  I can only hope there will be another one next year.  And now on to the Halloween Sock Swap!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


As with all great plans sometimes there is a glitch.  I took so many projects on my knitting vacation.  Those of you who guesses I would complete a lot, I am sorry I did not.  I think I spent far more time on the black lace stole than I ever imagined that I would.  Also the World Strip Wrap, easy knitting it is but there is sure a lot of it and I have only half finished that one.  so with out further procrastination I announce Emily the winner.  She said she always has great plans and takes far more  yarn than she can knit up.  How right you were.  I completed the scarf and the gloves and parts of other things.  As all of you know there are times you can knit a pattern and times  you can not.  I like to be social with my friends so paying attention to a chart or pattern does not let this happen.  Here are the finished pictures and I will be putting Emily's gift in the mail tomorrow.  Congratulations and this was lots of fun.  We shall do it again sometime.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Tomorrow is the day.  What do you think I finished on my trip?  I will announce the winner on Saturday and ask for a snail mail address.  I already have a couple of guesses posted so now we wait and see who wins.  I think I might even add a runner up prize.  I will work on that.  Now off to the Halloween Sock swap project.

Monday, September 15, 2008


At last finished and blocked for my dear friend Paula who is here for a very brief visit.  I wanted something very special for her to remember our 50th class reunion so I knit a shawl.  I used cobweb lace weight merino and alpaca blend from Elan.  I used #6 needles from Signature with the sharpest points you can imagine, short ones( 7") I chose however they come longer.  I have nothing to do with this company but enjoy the fantastic needles.  Those sharp points made it oh so much easier.  I now have to have more for some more lace scarves.  

A bit about Paula, she was an exchange student when I was a high school senior 50 years ago.  We lost each other for many years and now thanks to the internet I have found her.  She lives part of the year in Finland and the other in Spain.  She attended the Iowa reunion while I did the lodge in Minnesota with my knitting friends.  Then the special part she stopped to visit me on her return home.  We are having a grand time and I gave her this present.  After she leaves tomorrow I shall do some pictures of the lovely knitting gifts she brought to me.  Now I must go and be a good hostess when she awakes from her siesta.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I am back home from the knitting vacation and will get with the contest shortly.  It was a grand trip and I shall have some great photos to post in a few days.  Get your guesses ready about what I did or did not complete.  You can post a guess as a comment on this blog.   I will do pictures and announce the finished projects next week towards the end.  You can also if you wish make guesses as to what items were not completed....

Now here is the scoop.  In 1958 when I was a high school senior in Council Bluffs, Iowa the family across the street from me hosted an exchange student.  As their children were small Paula who was from Finland became a dear friend.  We kept in touch after graduation for a while and then as these things so often do we lost touch.  When news arrived about the 50 year reunion and her name was on the missing list.  I was motivated to find her.  Thanks to the internet I did.  We have been communicating with email and live chats on Skype.  It has been wonderful.  Paula decided to fly to the reunion which is tomorrow.  Due to my recent trip to Minnesota I had to pass.  But here is the wonderful part.  Paula will arrive in Buffalo on Sunday and I will be there to meet her.  I can hardly wait.  I am going tomorrow to stay with a knitting friend and then pick Paula up in the afternoon.  We will all have dinner together and then she will spend a few days here with me.  

Those of you who have been long time blog readers here will remember the Paula mitten I designed in honor of her.  Now you will get to see the real Paula as well as what I knit for her to celebrate this glorious visit.  

Check in late next week for the update and pictures.  I have some wonderful ones from the vacation.

Monday, September 1, 2008

She's done it again!

My sweet friend and knitting guru has done it again! Every time I see the Beautiful project she's completed or the wonderful yarn she's using I just have to order it. So.......I now have in route the Wonderful Wallaby sweater pattern and since the site I used had so many cute things I also ordered yarn for a sweater pattern I got in Memphis and a pattern book for dog sweaters. There's so much available and so little time. Then I proceeded to order the lovely Halloween type yarn she displayed along with a nice Christmas yarn to knit socks. No matter if you know how to post a link Joan. We who love to knit and admire the guru's of knitting like yourself will find a way to serch out and purchase the yarns and beautiful patterns that you blog about.

Joan is on a wonderful trip right now. She's knitting like crazy and having the time of her life. She'll be back with wonderful posts and finished projects.

I can only say.......I want to be Joan when I grow up!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Husband's answers to the blog questions!

Joan and I have often laughed about the similarities between our husbands. Both are so much the engineer personalities that Ann Landers talked about. Everything must be in line and organized! So...... Here are my husband's answers to the same questions that Joan asked Grumbutt!

S: What is your favorite thing about my knitting?
W: You seem to enjoy it.

S: What don't you like?
W: It costs money!

S: What is something you recall as good?
W: Accomplishment! Completed projects!

S: Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?
W: Yes and No. It’s like anything else, you can throw as much money as you want into it.

S: Do you have any hobbies?
W: Yes, Hunting, Wild life management, Knife making.

S: Who spends the most on their hobby?
W: You DO!!!!!!

S: Have I ever embarrassed you by knitting in public?
W: No Dear!

S: Do you know my favorite kind of yarn?
W: No I don’t!

S: Do you know the names of the blogs I read
W: No

S: Do you read my blog?
W: No, I didn't know you had one.

S: Do you mind my wanting to stop at yarn shops when we travel?
W: No I don’t. Because you stop at my shops too.

S: Do you understand the importance of knitting a swatch
W: No, Sorry I don’t.

S: Do you think the house would be cleaner if I did not knit?
W: No, Knitting is a relatively clean avocation.

Friday, August 29, 2008


A last minute addition to the knitting packing list.  How about this yarn?  Special from Ruby Sapphire.  (Yes I need to learn to add a link but not today) However this yarn is just perfect for fall, Halloween perhaps.  I plan to wind this and put it in with the other things I have listed.  Now you have even more things to add to the "What did Joan Knit List".  I also have not finished my "secret lace" project so that will go in as well.  It is not part of the contest but will be what I must finish first.  More on that later.  So you can think about it.  I am working a 29 row repeat on 59 stitches, all lace.  I am on repeat #11 of 14 and then there is a final ending of the chart about another 29 rows, followed by a wide knit and attach as you go edging.  So if you need to think of a time frame I plan on this interspersed with the other projects.  I need peace and quiet for this so I can count.  I am still not packed, except for yarn that is.  Priorities, priorities, priorities.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I needed some simple plain knitting and this surely fills the bill.  "The Wonderful Wallaby" by Cottage Creations.  I did this one for my grandson.  The yarn was absolutely wonderful.  Even better it came from my stash. I purchased this at a great yarn sale quite some time ago.  It is Lane Borgosesia  dal 1850 Knitaly.  My first experience with this yarn.  Wonderful is all I can say.  Easy to knit and oh so soft.  After I finished it I gave it a bath in "Soak".  Then this morning I asked the Grumbut to put it in a box and mail it for me.  When he was putting it in the box he even said "what yarn is this?  He thought it was so soft.  Louis will just love this one as he likes things that do not itch.  I think it is wonderful a nice washable wool.   I am thrilled I purchased all the store had and have plenty left for more projects.  I shall look for this yarn again.  

Now back to the packing and getting things ready to go.  I have 3 more days until Saturday and then it is into the car to knit and knit.  I can hardly wait.  However I am no where ready so must move along

Monday, August 25, 2008


After reading the Yarn Miracle where Emily question Michael on knitting stuff I decided to give my husband Dave (who the grand children call Grumbut). Makes it much easier as I have a son-in-law Dave.  So here we go.
J: What is  your favorite thing about my knitting?
G: What kind of question is that? Your professionalism
J: What don't you like?
G: The obsession and when you won't talk you are counting
J: What is something you recall as good?
G: All the ski sweaters
J: Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?
G: Now that is a loaded question but yes.
J: Do  you have any hobbies?
G: Certainly golf and fishing
J: Who spends the most on their hobby?
G: You do.
J: Have I ever embarrassed you by knitting in public?
G: No
J: Do you know my favorite kind of yarn?
G: Expensive!
J: Do you know the names of the blogs I read
G: No
J: Do you read my blog?
G: No
J: Do you mind my wanting to stop at yarn shops when we travel?
G: Yes it is a pain in the a--.
J: Do  you understand the importance of knitting a swatch
G: yes
J: Do you think the house would be cleaner if I did not knit?
G: No you would not clean it any way.

Now I found the answers to these questions most interesting.  You should all see what your hubby has to offer on the subject.  I really have enjoyed reading what other husbands have to day about our knitting.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I had such a glorious time last year participating in the dish rag tag set up by Emily at Yarn Miracle I could hardly wait to see it she would do it again. Yes indeed. So I signed up again. Because of my scheduled trip on Saturday, Deb the captain saw to it that the box came here early on its trip. It arrived yesterday about noon, with wonderful goodies from Deb. Sad it was a Saturday and I could not put it back in the mail. However I now have it ready to go with my treats for Janice all packed. I am part of the Dish Rag Divas team and this is such fun. I have wonderful people I found last year doing this and continue to read their blogs and enjoy these new knitting friends. I am sure the same will happen this year.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Ok here we go with the final list for my trip. AKA the CONTEST.
On September 10 when my trip is officially over I will check the entries and who ever comes closet to my actual knitting production while I am on my "knitting vacation" will receive the prize. 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces yarn, a hand made quilted "emergency sock supply holder" (this is the quilted folio with the ruler and you add needles and etc. of your choice). Also included is my personal pattern for "Wave Socks". Just post your guess on the blog.

For those of you who are new readers, a bit about the knitting vacation. I have 2 days in the car and am headed to the "Gunflint Lodge" (wish I knew how to post a link but that will come). I then have one full week of doing nothing but knitting and visiting with knitting friends. No husbands they are off camping. No cooking we eat in the lodge. No television, no phones. Just quality knitting time.

Now here is what I have packed with yarn to more than keep me busy. #1. World Strip Wrap. #2 cabled shrug. # 3 finish the fingerless gloves. These pictures I previously posted.

Now I have added the following: # 4 brown socks from Smooshy yarn.

#5 Socks from Socks Appeal yarn.

#6. A simple garter stitch scarf from hand spun yarn from Ireland, my friend Pat gave this to me and I am knitting her a scarf with this.

I will pack one more sock project and that does it. You know the worst thing that could happen is to run out of yarn where there is no yarn shop. There is a possibility of a day trip or two but last year we never left the Gunflint. I might add I probably will just make simple plain socks as it has been a year since we were all together and we have a lot of catching up to do.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back!!

It has been so darn busy around here I just did not get to the blogging thing. I have another item to add to the contest list. I shall keep adding until I have no more room in the packing space I am allowed. You know the "Adventure Boys" gear gets first priority! Our daughter says her father is "the Martha Stewart of camping" He has all the gadgets... So this plus tents, cook stove, canoes and etc. requires a lot of space. Yarn and knitting come in last.

#3 in the contest department. Add the unfinished fingerless gloves to the to do list. Now we have the three items and I am sure in my "unfinished boutique" I shall find a few more.

I just finished the yellow baby blanket for the daughter of a dear friend who is expecting a long awaited adoption, I had a deadline of this week and have it now ready, washed and packed with lots of love. It is an old pattern but my daughter says it is her favorite thing to wrap a baby in. An old Coats and Clark pattern and I used some of the yarn from the stash. I think I might just make myself one of these as a shawl in linen. We shall see.

I am waiting for my turn at the dish rag tag box. It should arrive this week and my goal in to have it back in the mail the day it arrives. I have everything all ready. When asked by a member of my team "Dish rag Divas" what my favorite color was my answer as always PINK. I mentioned the doors of the house are pink, and was asked for a picture, so here it is.

I am now off to knit on a secret project. I will do photos when finished but it is a special gift for someone who at times reads this blog. I must remain mum on what it is.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dish rag tag

Last year I had so darn much fun with this and met so many great knitting friends I can hardly wait for it to start this time. If you want a lot of fun go to Yarn Miracle and sign up.....

Knitting Vacation Project #2

OK here we go. This is what I have packed to knit. Yesterday I gave you project #1 the Earth Stripe Wrap. Today I have packed this charming SHOULDER SHRUG from "Knitting Little Luxuries" the yarn is old old old from my stash. I have no intention of working on these items in any particular order. I am giving you a number for each project to keep things simple. There will be more packed I can promise. Even some unfinished items I would like completed. Here is how I will do the contest.....After I have all of this knitting packed I will give you a list with each item numbered. On September 20 when I return and have enjoyed my special friend Paula''s visit. I will ask you to submit in the comments section what items you think I finished. I will send a prize to who guesses best... If there are multiple entries with the same guess I will draw for the first prize. Just before I leave I will show pictures of the prizes.. Notice I used plural here. Yes more than one. Now this should get you a bit excited. I am looking forward to this and perhaps your interest will spur me on as well.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Ready & a Knitting Tip

At last August has arrived. I don't mean to wish away the summer but I look forward to the knitting vacation at the end of August ! I will have a solid week to just sit and knit and think of nothing else with a couple of my knitting friends. How grand is that? I always try and plan to have enough yarn to last. Stuck in the north woods with out enough yarn is a frightening thing to me. I am preparing and packing early for this journey. I plan to have simple car knitting after all I have 6 days to knit there, (I do however like a nap here and there). Plus the 7 days at the lodge. First the "Earth Stripe Wrap" from Rowan #42 by Kaffe Fassett. It requires 10 different colors of "Kid Silk Haze".

Now to keep all these shades separate. HINT!!! Put each color in a small zip bag, write on the front the color number, the shade the pattern calls for and any other information about this particular color. The symbol if there is a chart or what ever. Now snip a SMALL corner on the bottom of the bag off. Place the yarn in the bag with the end you are going to knit from through the slit. Close the bag tight. Now when it is time to change color, nothing is twisted and you know exactly which shade you are working with. This will make things easy for this project and I find it essential if you are going to knit Fair Isle.

This is the first project I plan to take. Will I complete it? I am going to list several more that I am packing and you all can make a guess at just what I will finish. After I finish posting each day what I am planning to knit on my travels. THERE IS A CONTEST HERE FOLKS. On September 20 in the comments section tell me what you think I finished on my journey. I have a nice "knitterly" gift for the person with the best guess. I return September 10 but have company coming and just won't have time to read your entries until then.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still catching up

When I realized it had been a month since I posted I decided to do a bit of catching up for all of you. In addition to having the wonderful opportunity of having my grandchildren visit. Each gets their own week. We celebrated Miss Lillie's 4th birthday. Such joy to watch her having a grand time. I had the afternoon at the park to enjoy my family and the weather was just glorious. You could not ask for a better day. I was blessed to be able to sit and knit on a big project I am trying my best to get finished. Pictures tomorrow I hope.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More updates!

I have now filled all of you in on part of what I have been up to. Here is a bit more. On Sunday we had a family birthday party of Miss Lillie who is now 4. As you can see she had a fine time. I call this "How blessed I am to have these grandchildren" To live close enough to be part of their lives fills me with pure joy. The park was beautiful, the weather divine and it was a perfect day!


I can't quite believe how long it has been since I did any blogging. Shame on me. It just seems I don't have enough time in the day. Knitting well there has been some progress. I taught a class at Spirit Works Knitting in Rochester, NY just after the last posting. I did the Paula Mitten part 1. With that behind me, I had to get busy and work on directions and charts for part 2 which took place last Saturday. I can not even begin to tell you how welcome I felt in the shop and with all that were involved. Pam was a dear to work with and I look forward to further classes for her. I also have had the summer grandchildren weeks. First with Lillie who is 4 and now with Louis who is 11. Big difference I can tell you. So here to catch all of you up on what goes on are a few pictures. Of the students last Saturday (there were 2 classes) and the color way one of them used for her mitten. It was exciting to see how different all the mittens looked as each student was free to choose their own colors. Now next up at a time to be announced we will do some Bohus mittens.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It seems like yesterday when last I posted. My how time does fly. I have been busy knitting and doing a bit of sewing. Nothing all that exciting about the sewing. The knitting is in preparation for a class on Saturday in Rochester, NY. I will be teaching the Sami mitten at Spirit Works Knitting Store. I have previously posted the first mitten I knit after taking Susanna Hansson's wonderful class and reading the Piecework magazine. I felt this mitten to be a bit larger than I wanted for myself. Therefore I dropped the needle size and went to finer yarn and began again. This all worked out just fine. Here in lies what takes me so long. In order to teach a class I must write out directions, not just the little scribbles I use for myself. Then there are the charts as well. If there are two sizes of mittens it means two charts. I find it hard to believe how long it takes to get what is in ? I am teaching this mitten in two classes a month apart. Hey it is summer and there are so many things to do. This will give all of those participating plenty of time to get the pattern on the hand finished. Then we will move on to cuffs and thumbs. This is why the mitten shown is missing both of those parts.

I can't blog without showing you what a talented husband I have. He does the garden thing when I am knitting. I went outside a little while ago and snapped a few pictures for you to see. I kept thinking each day I would do this and then the rain arrived to beat the petals off all the flowers. This is only a portion of the yard he has done so beautifully. I do not garden but love the flowers.