Thursday, March 5, 2009


Right now it seems the only knitting I can really find time for are socks. It is the time of the year when all the tax stuff has to be gathered. It takes away from my knitting time. So socks it is. I dearly love to knit them and they seem to be a big favorite with the friends and family. I keep hearing "never enough socks". I finished one pair and am almost there with the second pair. I have lost a bit of my evening knitting as I am helping a friend with her knitting but that is pure pleasure for me. I would have the entire world knitting if I could. I think there would be less hatred and violence if everyone would just pick up needles and knit something.

This sock pattern is a favorite of mine, a pattern from Knit Picks quite a while back. The yarn for the completed pair is Opal from the stash. The unfinished pair are knit with yarn I purchased on Esty from Ruby Sapphire. I loved both yarns and find it so interesting to knit with different yarns. The loop stitch cuff is not nearly as difficult as it looks. You just follow the directions on the pattern. I did however find that the second time you knit the stitch after making the loop, it is easier to knit in the back of the stitch. Just a little hint here.

You can see my favorite sock needles in the picture. I know they are expensive but I dearly love the "stiletto point" from Signature Needles. Just amazing how wonderful I find them. They are not slippery but I would prefer to call them slick as the knitting just flows from these little beauties. I live the shorter needles 6" but you can order the length that makes you happy. I don't work for them or get any reward for telling you about these but they are wonderful.

Last year I joined a sock yarn club and I can not tell you how much fun it has been. The first shipment was "St. Valentine's Day" and now yesterday I got more from this club. I will wait a few days to post this picture as I am in love with what they are sending. Every two months another skein of special dye yarn. Great fun. If you love to knit socks, join one of these when the opportunity comes your way.

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