Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The last workshop booklet is finished I think the sample sweater turned out nice. I try very hard when teaching to have students knit something to keep. These classes teach technique while giving you something to take home. The one pictured here is all about knitting and cutting sweaters and making steeks. A few other things thrown in as well. The little sweater fits an American Girl doll.

I sure have not been so great at blogging lately. I am finally finished with the workshop I am doing in Buffalo this weekend. I had a hard time getting all the computer work finished. Apparently all the computer work messed with muscles in my shoulder and I have been taking all sorts of meds that make me goofy and sleepy. Tomorrow at least I get some physical therapy for this. Damn insurance companies had to give approval. Then if that were not enough I get some sinus stuff that filled the ears with fluid. I felt like I was at the amusement park on the "tilt a whorl" in my own chair. Now the medication for that really messes with the mind. At last things are looking up and I am on the mend. I leave Thursday and will stop at some yarn shops to do my job for ChiaoGoo and then it is a knitters weekend. Pictures to follow next week. Promise.

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