Monday, February 16, 2009


Hard to believe it has been nearly a month since my last post. I sure have neglected my followers and for that I am most sorry.
I really have been knitting just omitted taking pictures. I finished at the last minute 4 pairs of Valentine socks for my daughter, her husband, and Louis and Lillie. I was racing again the clock with those and put them in the box sealed it up and sent it with hubby and thought OH NO! I forgot to take a picture. It was then tooo late. I did knit the face cloth pictured with some left over Louet fine linen. I really like this after it was machine washed and dried. Perhaps I shall get more and make more of these with a nice bar of soap it does make a sweet gift.

Remember Sammy and the sprained leg well my other sweet puppy Vera has been really sick. We have always fed the birds in the winter and I thought nothing of her outside sniffing around under the feeder. Well what ever you do stop this practice with your animals. She apparently ate this bird seed and the left over hulls. We were up several nights with lots of vomiting. She is still not back to normal and I have a Dr. appointment this morning for her. Seems this seed sits on the damp ground, ferments and collects bacteria like wild and it made her very sick. That part is over for now but she still has some stomach distress. I would not be a good friend if I did not share this news with you. According to our Vet this is something dogs love to do. I have now had a full week of being up every 2 hours every night. Does not make me very productive during the day. I will keep you all posted on Miss Vera.

I am helping a friend who has an estate to liquidate dispose of some of the items on ebay. She is always doing for others and I can do this for her. Goodness the time it takes but I soon shall be finished. It is not so much the money part but having these things go to a home where they are appreciated. This task has consumed many hours of my day. Answering the questions alone seems a full time job but most interesting.

I also have had company over night and that means you know do some serious cleaning around here. That being said the knitting has taken a back seat. I do have another pair of socks cast on and am working on a "Crayon box Jacket" for Lillie. I think I have started this a dozen times and never was really pleased with my results. After checking out Vivian Hoxboro on the subject I think I have solved what did not please me. I am now doing the following. All garter stitch squares, they fit together better, slipping the first stitch as if to knit of every row and purling the last. Now I am happy with how it looks. I know I get a bit fussy about these things but it looks as if now I shall finish this in time for spring. I also found the short 7" stiletto point needles from Signaature are just the ticket for this project. Expensive yes but absolutely wonderful to use.

This has brought about another project, I hate to even think how many pairs of needles, crochet hooks and other items associated with my passion have been dwelling in drawers and closets. I have now nearly completed the task of sorting and disposing of all the ones I will never ever use again. Each time something new comes on the market I think I need to try it but as with anything not one needle is right for every knitter. Each of us has favorites and at least I know a few more things about what I like to knit with.

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