Monday, July 27, 2009


I find it amazing that Miss Lillie will start school this fall. For nap time the teacher requested a large bath towel. So we decided that would make a good birthday present after all she will be 5 tomorrow. I purchased a large purple (the favorite color this week) towel and then put on the name. After that I felt it needed a bit more. I added ribbon all the way around in her second most favorite color pink. Then it needed even more so I added the bow. I sewed in on so it will not come untied. Now only to get everything all wrapped and the car loaded and I am off to tomorrow's party. It must be exciting to be turning 5. Lillie is so excited about going to school and how wonderful that is. I get to spend a week with the grandchildren. Will do a bit of "work" selling the ChiaoGoo needles. Hope to have some exciting new things to tell you about very soon coming from them. And now back to the knitting, packing and what ever.

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