Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I now have a picture from Columbus at TNNA. We had a wonderful dinner and brainstorming session with the ChiaoGoo Needle company. Lots of ideas and such. Here is a picture just sent to me. Thanks a bunch Wendy. It took place the night before the market opened. Naturally I came home with wonderful ideas. Now I am forced to use the old MAC ICE CUBE that belongs to hubby. Hopefully later this week my lap top will return from repair. Until then I don't have pictures except this one send to me from Wendy's camera. We had one of the nice waiters take our picture. I am however working on getting some knitting things finished up and will take pictures to send along when my computer returns. This old stand by has no way to connect the camera.

An interesting afghan square for a group project afghan. I am done and ready to mail even early as it is not due until July 20. Then there is a sample face cloth for a shop I promised to knit. At least I am able to use the same pattern for both. A great leasson in what gauge will do for making two things the same and yet different.

I have some special yarn I picked up at TNNA to see what I can come up with so all the pattern books are out and I am searching the perfect one for a lace scarf. You know the old saying "so much to do so little time".

I had a big group here for brunch on Friday and now that is all put away and I am returning to my knitting passion. Then next week is grandson week. I hope to mix some business with some special entertainment for Louis. It seems to never be dull around here always lots to do.

Cross your fingers the computer arrives soon.!

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