Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been asked to knit a special afghan square for a surprise for someone who I can not tell you about here. I choose this square from Mary Walker Phillips "Knitting Counterpanes" Mrs. Beetons pattern. I used a # 6 needle and Brown Sheep Lambs Pride. I am most pleased with this one. Great fun to knit and I felt it would fit into the project quite nicely. Hard to know what to knit when there are others making the squares. I was thrilled to find one repeat of the pattern ended up being the 11: square requested. A gentle steam and that was all there was to it. Also it has a nice edge to join with other squares. I did purl one round past the pattern and then bind off in knit. I had the choice of color so my favorite pink it is.
The same square a different size. What a gauge lesson this is. I used Elizabeth Lavold's cotton, linen blend to make a face cloth. I love this yarn it produced a great feel with just enough texture to give your face a good scrub with out being scratchy. When visiting a yarn shop recently representing my wonderful ChiaoGoo knitting needles the shop owner and I were chatting about linen and what a glorious fiber it is. I mentioned face cloths and Susan asked if I would knit one for her. I choose the same pattern I used for the afghan square. With a #4 needle it came out great. Then for those who wanted something simpler I knit the basic garter stitch "dish cloth" great fun and easy to do. I still even had a bit of yarn left.

I had grandchildren here this past weekend and it was very busy I can assure you of that. Kathy my daughter and I made all new curtains for the little camper they own. Getting it ready for a trip. Now I have Louis here for the next 10 days. But at 12 he is wonderful and absolutely no trouble at all. I even get to knit some.

I just started the swirl shawl to add to the long list of things in progress. Pictures to follow as I make some progress.

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