Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last weekend was absolutely the best. It all started on Thursday when I left to visit yarn shops first. Now visiting all the yarn shops in my area is just such a wonderful job I can hardly stand it. I just love looking at all the glorious things there are out there. So far I have not purchased any new yarn. You all know my stash overflows. I am really using a lot of self control. My method is to say it is not fair to buy from one shop and not every one I visit. So far it is working we shall see how long I can contain myself. After a day at the shops it was time to meet my friend Lou for a late lunch. We decided to pass on dinner and just have chocolate cake. I like it I like it!

Bright and early on Friday I joined some members of the Buffalo Guild for a little lace workshop. I had one group in the morning and another in the afternoon. All were just fantastic students and I love every minute of teaching. I wish I could do it every day.

Dinner that night was with Lou and a dear knitting friend Betty. Gee how lucky can an old lady get?

Saturday and Sunday were more classes. We did the little American Girl doll sweater in a two day session. Such wonderful students they always thrill me what fun they have learning something new. Then dinner in the evening with some of the Guild members. Life is soooooo good!

Now tomorrow I am off again. Oh dear more yarn shops followed by TNNA. So much yarn and knitting I am sure it will be overload but I shall share when I return.

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