Friday, January 9, 2009


The Sammy update! He is doing great and gets along well with the splint on his leg, which brings to mind a couple of things I have learned and want to share with other pet lovers. When we had the little puppy to the vet for his shots she took a can of spray cheese like the one in the photo, ran a strip of it on the stainless exam table and Bandit began to lick it up from the end, by the time he finished he had received his two shots and had no idea what had taken place. I said this is fantastic and she said this is what they use to give a pill. Let me tell you stop one after the Vet on Tuesday was for spray cheese. It is like magic. He takes his pills and begs for more. Much better than wrapping it where it will fall out of something. This stuff is sticky and the pills stick to the cheese like it was glue. All the years I have had dogs and never knew this trick. Too good not to share.

The other thing I learned this week was how to keep the splint wrap dry. I took one of those heavy plastic bags you use with a food sealer and serged it on my machine to make it the proper size, slipped it over the splint and used tape to make it smaller at the top. Now he is out in the snow and no dampness. Pet owners just have to share.....

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Emily said...

That IS a great tip! We always did Angus' pills in mayonnaise (they didn't stick to his mouth and were harder to spit back out that way). I bet he would have loved spray cheese! Poor splinted up doggy! I hope he heals miraculously fast!