Monday, August 31, 2009


Oh how I have waited for today. The box arrived from Emily for the start of its journey to the rest of the team. Knitting Fools we have named ourselves. I was getting a bit anxious when our always on time mail man was running a bit late. He arrived and so did the box. The box was a joy to open I found wonderful goodies inside. From dear Emily some beautiful patchwork hand made coasters, and candy. I sat right down with the ball of yarn she included, fixed a cup of coffee and began to knit. I loved every minute of it. Ate candy, drank coffee and knit. A great way to spend the morning. Then it was off to the post office and it is on its way to Martha in Virginia. I included a couple of things for her to enjoy. The box is quite small this year and you really have to squeeze things in but I did it and now I get to sit back and wait and watch the progress. I still do not have it figured out as to how to put the progress "thingie" on this blog but if you check out Yarn Miracle you will find our progress. I shall keep all of you who read this posted.

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Heather said...

Wow, the stripes yarn looks really fanastic there! Can't wait to see the next dishrag made.