Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finally some progress

I know I have not been the best blogger lately. Seems like life sometimes gets in the way. First a week with Lillie age 4 here and then last week I had Bandit the puppy. Lots of fun with him but he is sure full of energy. Then the sewing room clean out and organize. I am still not quite finished with that. All this going on and I get a call to help with some items to be used on Saturday for a local fund raiser. A "Kentucky Derby Gala". They needed saddle blankets for some of the models they are using as well as some embroidery on things. I took time out to help with this as the funds go to our local library. That taken care of I participated in the "Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2009". I have that mailed.

Then a great fabric hunt. I live in the middle of nowhere it seems and have little choice in purchasing fabrics. After a trip to our local JoAnn's and finding they did not have enough denim for my next big project of one color. I can't believe how many colors of denim there are. I need 16 yards to cover the cushions in my daughter's camper. Finally found a helpful clerk who offered to order it for me bless her big time. Then the second fabric hunt was for printed cotton knit. Not baby prints and so far that is all I have found. Louis #1 Grandson has a birthday coming and what he wants are PJ's from Nana. He loves the soft cotton t-shirts and elastic waist pants for summer. I was reduced to solid colors so will need to add some nifty ribbing and perhaps some embroidery.

With all of this I am working on a workshop booklets for a workshop in Buffalo, NY the first weekend in June. I will be teaching 3 days. I have the yarn ordered at this point and am busy working on the patterns. They are originals of mine but with a new computer I know they could look so much nicer so I am reprinting all of these. I have one I finished this morning. Really pleased with how it worked out. Called a "little soap sack" I will be teaching the basics of lace knitting. When I take a class I like to have something I knit to look back at and refresh my memory. You will see the picture at the top of the blog is this little project.

One more day and husband is off to hunting camp. Turkey season in Pennsylvania. I will be working on workshops the entire time he is away as well as trying to fit in some sewing. Never dull here!

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Emily said...

What a great way to practice lace! I'm sorry you were reduced to solids for the knit - our Hobby Lobby had a ton of jersey the last time I was there. I've never sewn with knit, it makes me a little nervous.