Thursday, August 27, 2009


At last a few minutes for an update on what is on the needles here. I am absolutely thrilled with the latest from ChiaoGoo, last June at TNNA I put in a request for 7" long straight needles with good points to knit the latest thing I love. MODULES! Imagine how thrilled I was when someone listened to an old knitter. They have arrived! So now I have a couple of new projects in the works. First all those balls of sock yarn left over and what to do with them. Well I took the needles in size 2. (they come in size 1 up to a 10). I cast on 31 stitches and made the first square. Wonderful. Now I will continue to add squares with all the left over sock yarn and I shall have a "sock yarn stole" at some point. Might even write a pattern at some point as I progress. The needles make knitting these little squares pure joy. Light in weight, good balance and nice sharp but not to sharp points. I liked them so much I even have a back up set in case I loose one in my travels. Thank you ChiaoGoo. All this praise from me who owns no straight needles before this with the exception of double points. I am a big fan of circular needles normally.

I am also working on another project but since it is nearly finished will save it for another day.

I have had little time to knit this past week as my sweet grand daughter Lillie has been here and we have been very busy going out to tea. Swimming and eating I lost count of the happy meals. We return her to home tomorrow so she can start kindergarten.

Have a wonderful week end and watch out the dish rag tag boxes hit the mail tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

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wagge said...

Joan, what is a module and where do you get the pattern???