Sunday, September 27, 2009


If any of you remember the "Crayon Box" jacket I posted about 3-19-09 you will remember I was most unhappy with the sleeve. There is a large "gusset" that runs up the underarm. Well lots of thinking and talking with a knitting friend Katie. I have a solution. I waited until the finished sweater to tell all of you. It worked so well. I now want at some point to make an adult version of this jacket. But that must wait until after Christmas. So here now are the instructions for the sleeve for these jackets.

I did not make the sleeve and then sew it in. I started at the first square at the under arm and knit a 17 stitch module as all the body modules are 17 stitches. I worked one square just as on the body up and over the shoulder and down the other side. All these squares of the same size. Then here is the "secret". The secret to row 2 going down the sleeve is to decrease the sleeve modules on this row to 15 stitches. Very easy to do just cast on one less stitch to start and pick up one less on the first square of row 1. That is all there is to it. Each time you need a new row of module squares you will have one less stitch. My final row had only 11 stitches in each row. Then sew up the under arm sleeve and there you have it. I then picked up around the cuff area with double pointed needles worked a bit of garter stitch and bound off. Happy to say the least.

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