Saturday, May 16, 2009


What satisfaction to have a big project finished. Darling daughter and family love to go camping and last fall purchased an old 1980 small travel trailer. On my last visit with her I brought home all the cushions to make new covers. Yesterday was the day. I have a sewing friend visiting and we did them all. There were 6 total. Several of them very large and hard to deal with.Then I added a pillow as well. What a change from the old brown scratchy covers from 1980. We worked the two of us all day and we finished. I also learned a lot about covering cushions. One you need to find somewhere to purchase long long long zippers. I went to the local drapery/slip cover lady who gladly sold me what I needed. She even started the zipper pulls which is an ugly job in my opinion. Now hubby will deliver them this afternoon on his way east for a week of fishing. I plan to stay home a few days and get things in order for the upcoming workshops. Then I will do some quality grandchildren time. However there are also curtains to make for this little camper. Another day another time.

My company leaves this afternoon and I plan to make some cases to show off the wonderful ChiaoGoo needles I am selling. I think after my first sale on Wednesday I need a better way to display. Thank goodness it did not matter to my customer. I can tell you for someone addicted to yarn visiting a shop brimming full to the ceiling it was an seeing how much self control I had. Lots of wonderful yarn and I held off and did not come home with more. I am most proud of myself. I have made it a rule not to buy yarn on my working visits. However I will soon know where to find yarn!

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