Thursday, November 5, 2009


Been wondering where I have been? Here is the answer. Big time busy. When I attended the Hemlock, NY fiber fest I happened upon a wonderful booth full of shawls. I particularly liked one called River Run. This was the middle of September. Each year I donate a shawl to the local Elf Fund Auction and I decided this one would be perfect. Winding the tencel which was hand dyed was a real a feat unto itself. You need a core of some sort so I started with the core of that bathroom paper we all use. Great idea but it slipped on the ball winder. Then I tried again and in the process had a real mess. Yarn everywhere and tangled like you would not believe. Two days later, I wound it onto the winder plastic core. Then placed that in one of those plastic jars with the hole in the top for yarn. I then knit from this. Worked perfect but I could wind yarn for nothing else during this time. Not really a bad idea. There is a 1000 yards of "thread." One thing held up progress big time and that was a mistake in the 29 stitch edging. I have advised the pattern designer of this so no one else should have to take the hours of ripping and knitting I did.

Then the beads, 1700 the pattern says, seemed like a million to me. Each one placed with a crochet hook. At last I have finished, taken a photo and blocked the shawl. I am now free to return to my Christmas knitting. Now you know what I have been up to.

I finished up last week but did not block until after the grandchildren and dogs went home. I only had 5 dogs in the house for a weekend. Not the time to block a shawl.

Strangest thing is I want to start another one. I do love lace knitting. You really get a lot of knitting for a small amount of money and so rewarding after you block.

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