Thursday, September 17, 2009

Answers today but no pictures

I received a question today about "what is a module". It is a small section of knitting joined to another thus making a larger item. I don't know if this is the right word for everyone but it is what I call things made in this manner. As to where to get the directions. Well the small strip of left over sock yarn which at some point and don't be in a hurry for this. Will be a stole/shawl. I will be writing up some directions before long. Just not this week or next. To much to do around here. The little jacket is my variation of Chris Bysma's pattern "Crayon Box Jacket" I started with the basic directions and will happily tell you what and how I changed it. Almost finished so please be patient. I will also be letting you all know where and when to find out just what I did that made it a bit different. I have not posted a pattern in a long time so I think soon I shall do this. I am off on a sales trip on Saturday. I will however have computer access will try and work on some patterns for all of you who asked. Keep checking here for the updates.

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