Friday, October 5, 2012


As promised here are some more things I have been knitting.   It keeps me busy trying to come up with new class ideas.  I like to have students make something but most important are the skills I try to build into each project.  I am continuing with one new project each month.  All are easy and can be completed before Christmas to give as a gift.   This pillow case with the lace edge makes a wonderful gift for someone who seems to have everything.  The pattern with soft points does not require blocking and I am doing a lace "shorthand" to teach that system for a pattern.  Sometimes it is easier than using a chart.

Pulse warmers are a great small project with or without beads.  I like to make the ones like the cream with lots of garter stitch above the lace edge.  Sip this part under your sleeve and fold back to make a cuff.  I think they are quite pretty.  The beaded one is lots of fun and you only have beads on every other row.  Therefore none of the beads are right next to your skin.  I was quite surprised to find out how warm they made me feel.  Perhaps it is all in my head who knows but a fun to knit project.

Now here is a quick and easy gift.  Purchased stretch gloves and you add a fancy cuff.  Perhaps using yarn you made the matching scarf with or something left from the stash.  I have been quite surprised to see these "fluffy" yarns back in the market place.  "Everything old is new again!"

Until next time keep those needles busy!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I certainly have been neglectful for ever so long.  It is time I posted a few pictures of my knitting and such.  I guess sometimes my schedule gets a bit hectic and I just do not think anyone is interested in what goes on in my little life here in the hills of Pennsylvania.

Will try and catch you up on a few things.  It has been a very busy summer and fall looks to be no no different.  One reason I find I can get back and be more efficient is that taking pictures is no longer such a big job.  No more taking the picture and then plugging the camera in and about 4 more steps on top of that.  Now with the new I-phone hubby gave me a couple weeks ago as a great birthday present this is oh so easy.  Snap, send to my email and you have it.

I have been teaching some interesting classes here are a couple.  From Betsey Beads the Twilight necklace.  I used a heavier yarn from Berroco called Seduce.  Blue green beads and then purchased a real silver and turquoise clasp.  I loved doing this.  Hardest part is stringing the beads.

I found that most of the shawls I love so to knit are very light weight.  Yes warm but not warm enough for where I live.  So I knit this one this past week from Universal yarn called classic shades.

This is an easy fun knit if you don't get all excited about a lot of short rows. My suggestion is that you practice the yarn over short row.  It is easier and faster and works beautifully.

My upcoming class this Saturday will be a button version of a mitered neck warmer.  Quick and easy and such a lot of fun.  If this is a pattern you wish to have just let me know.  It is my personal one and I shall share if happily.

Now enough for today.  I will try tomorrow to back track and show you some of the knitting I have not mentioned before.  As well as some family news.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


At Christmas time I was on over load and also some of those I give gifts to read this blog so nothing was posted. Will show a couple now. Ah the tea cozy for my friend Nancy. We met as we both belonged to the same college sorority. (years apart to be sure). She is a great love of a pot of hot tea. What is not to love. So I thought for a tea lover and someone who adores Victorian what could be better than a crazy quilt tea cozy. I have quite a stash of ribbons, fancy fabrics and lace. You might be interested to hear the cream lace came from France about
WWI. It belonged to a friend of my Mothers and when she left the large family home was going to toss it. Thank goodness Mother saved it for me. I use it a lot of special things. Then there are Violets which is the right flower, pearls also. The colors lavender and maroon. All the right things and even a sterling crest from Mother's charm bracelet. Nancy was pleased so I shall share the pictures with all of you. I do things other than knit once in a while.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank you for your patience!

Those of you who like to know what I am working on have been so patient. I have had a busy time of year. First it was Christmas where I made most all of my gifts and taking pictures just did not happen. Then the new year arrived and I have been busy working on my classes for the coming year. I promise pictures and soon.

Some personal knitting to be sure. Then I have worked at getting rid of a ton of stuff in my yarn room. Ebay has kept me busy and I will do more in a couple of weeks. Feels good to have sorted and found new things to keep me busy.

My current projects have been can you believe it something for me: the white hood+scarf. I love it and our weather has been cold here. I used a fantastic yarn that is wool and tencel. The sheen is wonderful and the yarn flew through my fingers. This one I keep and wear.

Then the doll outfit for Miss Lillie, I loved using the free pattern on the Crystal Palace site and the bulky mochi yarn. Amazing what the color did particularly on the hat.

Then the sad projects chemo caps. I always feel fortunate that I can do some little thing to help friends who are having to endure this procedure. So there are two hats. The aqua one in from Panda Silk which is so soft and nice silk and bamboo, I just know it will feel wonderful. The dark blue hat is Cashmerino. Very soft but with some warmth. ( it looks better on trust me) Guess I need to get a head form to try on these hats.

I just can't seem to find the hours in the day that I need to keep up but I shall do my best to keep you posted on what I am knitting. Sewing will wait a while now.

If you have questions about patterns and the like you can send me a message. I shall try and help you. Just not enough time to hunt up the links right now.

Hope all of you in blog land are doing well.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I hesitate to call this knitting, however it is in a way. I found the new scarf yarns something to behold in color and texture. Just had to give them a try. Just picking up a bit of the webbing at the top and pulling it through the next loop. What is this I thought? I did end up with a lovely light weight scarf. Great fun and oh so quick to knit. With my schedule this seems to be what I can accomplish.

I really am working on unloading a lot of yarn on ebay these days. I had thought when I happily brought it home I would certainly knit it all up. Well 10 plus years later after keeping it stored carefully I know this will not happen. They also continue to make yarn. I guess that was something I forgot about when I was filling plastic bin after plastic bin. Takes quite a bit of time to weigh, package and get the yarn ready to mail but I am working on it. It just does not seem right to "hoard" all this yarn. I guess I fear the yarn police will make a raid so this has kept me busy.

I have also make 6 large needle rolls for some of the ladies who frequent one of the yarn shops I hang out in. Then there is the massive clean up the sewing room going on here as well. My serger has returned from the hospital so I can use it once again.

I am headed off to see the grandchildren later today, oldest one has a big part in the high school play and I would not miss it for anything. My it seems yesterday he was just a little infant in my arms.

When I get home I will post my other big project on repairing my old cherished quilts. I have learned a lot I will share with you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well after way to long an absence I have returned to "blogsphere". The new eyes took a bit of getting used to. But wonderful none the less. I have been working on some sewing projects in the meantime. Have a new shawl on the needles hopefully to show you next week. I am doing a lot of teaching knitting so my time to knit is spent on little samples of "how to do it". I truly love to be able to share what I have learned all these many years.

I have new double pointed needles and they needed a case. I am a lover of double pointed needles. I feel I knit smoother and faster than the other methods such as "magic loop" two circulars. Now I love things that match and I adore my Lexie Barnes Lady B knitting bag. Mine is an older pattern called Kiri and I had purchased some small zip bags to match. Well when the new 6" metal double points from ChiaoGoo arrived I needed a special case. I have made little zipper cases like this from fabric for a long time. Now however everything is matching. I love it. I used the case that was about 6 1/2" deep and just stitched in the pockets. Used a white out pen and wrote on the number. I am pleased with what I have created. Yes it only holds up to size 8 but I rarely use the larger sizes and they are in the old cases I made before this one.

I shall try to get a few more things I have been working on posted very soon. I have an idea of how to repair an antique quilt where on corner has rotted due to the exposure to the sun. Also some other things in progress.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why I am not knitting

Here is what goes here and why I am not knitting.

A week ago I had cataract surgery. An amazing thing to be sure. But only done on the left eye. So since I was blind as a bat before I can now see with that eye like magic, except for the close vision so then I need my "cheater" glasses. At first I thought well just take the left lens out and I would be good to go. Not so you can see there are the old glasses sans left lens. Thought it was a good plan. Well the progressive lens in the right eye made me feel like a drunk so now I just close that eye and move ahead. But to knit with one eye makes the other one way to tired. So I am just puttering around here waiting for September 22. Then the right eye will match the left and I am good to go. Truly amazing to get out of bed in the morning and not have to put on my glasses. It was always trauma if I dropped them as I could not find them. Such is progress in the medical world and I am most grateful. Thanks Dr. Nick you worked a miracle for me. so be patient out there all you who wait for knitting content it will happen soon.