Saturday, November 5, 2011


I hesitate to call this knitting, however it is in a way. I found the new scarf yarns something to behold in color and texture. Just had to give them a try. Just picking up a bit of the webbing at the top and pulling it through the next loop. What is this I thought? I did end up with a lovely light weight scarf. Great fun and oh so quick to knit. With my schedule this seems to be what I can accomplish.

I really am working on unloading a lot of yarn on ebay these days. I had thought when I happily brought it home I would certainly knit it all up. Well 10 plus years later after keeping it stored carefully I know this will not happen. They also continue to make yarn. I guess that was something I forgot about when I was filling plastic bin after plastic bin. Takes quite a bit of time to weigh, package and get the yarn ready to mail but I am working on it. It just does not seem right to "hoard" all this yarn. I guess I fear the yarn police will make a raid so this has kept me busy.

I have also make 6 large needle rolls for some of the ladies who frequent one of the yarn shops I hang out in. Then there is the massive clean up the sewing room going on here as well. My serger has returned from the hospital so I can use it once again.

I am headed off to see the grandchildren later today, oldest one has a big part in the high school play and I would not miss it for anything. My it seems yesterday he was just a little infant in my arms.

When I get home I will post my other big project on repairing my old cherished quilts. I have learned a lot I will share with you.