Sunday, November 9, 2008

Emmy Sends her Love

Are Vera and Sammy not the cutest little things you ever saw???? Emmy would love to have a freind around the house but her Daddy is not ready for two canines. So here she is either waiting for a friend or waiting for Sammy and Vera to visit.

Joan and I are once again on parallel plains. She emailed me about Lillie and Barbie, as I was reading it I thought OH, I have that Barbie and Me book....Two lines later in the email she says she has the same book.

I live for the day I can retire and knit as much as Joan does. I'm pretty sure I'll never reach the knit as WELL as Joan does but there's a plus side to that too. I can email her at any time and say "what the heck is this and how do I do it?" She responds so fast and lets me know what to do or not do. The world is so confused right now. I really think if everyone knitted....we could straighten out a lot of problems! Let's work on that!

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