Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now just what have I been doing???

I can not believe how quickly time flies and I have neglected the blogging. Well here goes. First I had this little girl staying with me for a week. My darling grand daughter who is 4. She wanted to stay 100 days. Well we did a week and we shall do more. I do nothing but entertain her and play. Great fun. Just a little knitting goes on when Miss Lillie is here. The picture of her is when we had lunch after meeting her Mother to take her home. But by Halloween she will be back for a couple of days.

The knitting at this time is quite simple. Our local library is collecting hand knit articles to sell as a fund raiser in conjunction with "One Book Bradford" This year they encourage the town to read the "Blizzard Children" I have already done these two hats and will some mittens and fingerless gloves. I think Sammy wants to unravel the pink hat or else he thinks the top is something good to eat.

Tomorrow we are off to a fraternity reunion with my husband. Back to college we will go for homecoming. It should be most interesting to see a lot of old friends. It has been 50 years since we have seen many of them. Should be a fun event. I will however take a bit of knitting for the car. That is only if I don't fall asleep. I still have packing to do and gathering of yarn. I bet I do the yarn part first!


Anonymous said...

I know what I have been doing. Frantically finishing these delighfully spooky socks for you.

Emily said...

Always pack the yarn first! That way if you run out of room, you can take fewer pairs of shoes.

Please let Miss Lillie know that I am jealous of her ice cream and the time she gets to spend with you.