Tuesday, September 23, 2008


As with all great plans sometimes there is a glitch.  I took so many projects on my knitting vacation.  Those of you who guesses I would complete a lot, I am sorry I did not.  I think I spent far more time on the black lace stole than I ever imagined that I would.  Also the World Strip Wrap, easy knitting it is but there is sure a lot of it and I have only half finished that one.  so with out further procrastination I announce Emily the winner.  She said she always has great plans and takes far more  yarn than she can knit up.  How right you were.  I completed the scarf and the gloves and parts of other things.  As all of you know there are times you can knit a pattern and times  you can not.  I like to be social with my friends so paying attention to a chart or pattern does not let this happen.  Here are the finished pictures and I will be putting Emily's gift in the mail tomorrow.  Congratulations and this was lots of fun.  We shall do it again sometime.


Emily said...

Yay, me! I know I should be looking at all the new knitting, but I spent all my time looking at that blanket underneath it! Beautiful pattern.

PS Little bit of knitting means that you had a really great time!

Mary Jane said...

OOOH what lovely gloves!