Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back!!

It has been so darn busy around here I just did not get to the blogging thing. I have another item to add to the contest list. I shall keep adding until I have no more room in the packing space I am allowed. You know the "Adventure Boys" gear gets first priority! Our daughter says her father is "the Martha Stewart of camping" He has all the gadgets... So this plus tents, cook stove, canoes and etc. requires a lot of space. Yarn and knitting come in last.

#3 in the contest department. Add the unfinished fingerless gloves to the to do list. Now we have the three items and I am sure in my "unfinished boutique" I shall find a few more.

I just finished the yellow baby blanket for the daughter of a dear friend who is expecting a long awaited adoption, I had a deadline of this week and have it now ready, washed and packed with lots of love. It is an old pattern but my daughter says it is her favorite thing to wrap a baby in. An old Coats and Clark pattern and I used some of the yarn from the stash. I think I might just make myself one of these as a shawl in linen. We shall see.

I am waiting for my turn at the dish rag tag box. It should arrive this week and my goal in to have it back in the mail the day it arrives. I have everything all ready. When asked by a member of my team "Dish rag Divas" what my favorite color was my answer as always PINK. I mentioned the doors of the house are pink, and was asked for a picture, so here it is.

I am now off to knit on a secret project. I will do photos when finished but it is a special gift for someone who at times reads this blog. I must remain mum on what it is.

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Deb said...

Joan, love the pink door!!! Hope the box arrives safely....