Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last time I updated all of you it was not about knitting and the knitting still is in the back seat. The little puppy left here and went to a wonderful new home and has a new name Bandit. Still there is a happy animal rescue story around here. I now have a friend for Sammy her name is Vera and OH so sweet. She is part of the rescue plan as well. I felt that a puppy should be in a home with young people and so he is with children, to romp and play and sleep and cuddle with. He is one happy little guy. Now for my happy story. I have Miss Vera, a sweet 2 year old and how lovely she is. We have signed all the adoption papers with the rescue people and I have had her vet checked. All is happy, happy, happy here. She and Sam are doing very well together, we have a few issues at feeding time on Sam's part I might add. I am working on this and each day it is better. They snuggle up together and follow me every where. Now I can return to my knitting. I did manage to complete 6 dish cloths and deliver those to the person making the request. Another hat and mittens for the library charity sale. Next on the list is a sweater I am finishing. It was brought to me and the knitter unknown. It will also be donated to a charity auction. When I am finished I shall post a picture of this one. I think clothes for Barbie dolls will follow. My grand daughter 4 is really smitten with Barbie so that is what is on my schedule at present. Where does the time go, I thought I had a lot of time before Christmas to knit, well it came and went and I have little to show. So enjoy the picture of Sam and Vera and I am off to knit.

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