Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Ready & a Knitting Tip

At last August has arrived. I don't mean to wish away the summer but I look forward to the knitting vacation at the end of August ! I will have a solid week to just sit and knit and think of nothing else with a couple of my knitting friends. How grand is that? I always try and plan to have enough yarn to last. Stuck in the north woods with out enough yarn is a frightening thing to me. I am preparing and packing early for this journey. I plan to have simple car knitting after all I have 6 days to knit there, (I do however like a nap here and there). Plus the 7 days at the lodge. First the "Earth Stripe Wrap" from Rowan #42 by Kaffe Fassett. It requires 10 different colors of "Kid Silk Haze".

Now to keep all these shades separate. HINT!!! Put each color in a small zip bag, write on the front the color number, the shade the pattern calls for and any other information about this particular color. The symbol if there is a chart or what ever. Now snip a SMALL corner on the bottom of the bag off. Place the yarn in the bag with the end you are going to knit from through the slit. Close the bag tight. Now when it is time to change color, nothing is twisted and you know exactly which shade you are working with. This will make things easy for this project and I find it essential if you are going to knit Fair Isle.

This is the first project I plan to take. Will I complete it? I am going to list several more that I am packing and you all can make a guess at just what I will finish. After I finish posting each day what I am planning to knit on my travels. THERE IS A CONTEST HERE FOLKS. On September 20 in the comments section tell me what you think I finished on my journey. I have a nice "knitterly" gift for the person with the best guess. I return September 10 but have company coming and just won't have time to read your entries until then.

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