Monday, September 15, 2008


At last finished and blocked for my dear friend Paula who is here for a very brief visit.  I wanted something very special for her to remember our 50th class reunion so I knit a shawl.  I used cobweb lace weight merino and alpaca blend from Elan.  I used #6 needles from Signature with the sharpest points you can imagine, short ones( 7") I chose however they come longer.  I have nothing to do with this company but enjoy the fantastic needles.  Those sharp points made it oh so much easier.  I now have to have more for some more lace scarves.  

A bit about Paula, she was an exchange student when I was a high school senior 50 years ago.  We lost each other for many years and now thanks to the internet I have found her.  She lives part of the year in Finland and the other in Spain.  She attended the Iowa reunion while I did the lodge in Minnesota with my knitting friends.  Then the special part she stopped to visit me on her return home.  We are having a grand time and I gave her this present.  After she leaves tomorrow I shall do some pictures of the lovely knitting gifts she brought to me.  Now I must go and be a good hostess when she awakes from her siesta.

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Emily said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful keepsake!