Friday, August 29, 2008


A last minute addition to the knitting packing list.  How about this yarn?  Special from Ruby Sapphire.  (Yes I need to learn to add a link but not today) However this yarn is just perfect for fall, Halloween perhaps.  I plan to wind this and put it in with the other things I have listed.  Now you have even more things to add to the "What did Joan Knit List".  I also have not finished my "secret lace" project so that will go in as well.  It is not part of the contest but will be what I must finish first.  More on that later.  So you can think about it.  I am working a 29 row repeat on 59 stitches, all lace.  I am on repeat #11 of 14 and then there is a final ending of the chart about another 29 rows, followed by a wide knit and attach as you go edging.  So if you need to think of a time frame I plan on this interspersed with the other projects.  I need peace and quiet for this so I can count.  I am still not packed, except for yarn that is.  Priorities, priorities, priorities.  

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