Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rescue babies

While I was away this past weekend there was a lot going on about things back home. I had a wonderful time seeing old college friends. For many it has been 50 years since the last visit. While I was enjoying a step back in time I was busy on the cell phone doing something most rewarding. I had a call from a humane officer telling me of some special little dogs needing homes. Well as the animal lover I am it is hard to understand how someone could be so heartless and cruel and run a puppy mill. But this story has a happy ending. All the dogs that needed a home have one. I have my darling little friend for Sammy. He loves her, a bit jealous sometimes but every hour is better. She is so dear and sweet and can not believe she is living in a home. Never away from my side. With her came the last of her last littler of puppies who is going to be a big hit with my grandchildren. He does not have a name that is for Louis and Lillie to do so I just call him baby. I am not going to picture his mom for a while as I don't want any one to know just where she is. But there are lots of puppies that look like baby. Her Mommie's name will be a secret for a long time in case someone would by some remote way guess who and where these darlings are. Rest assured they have a wonderful life now. Full of love, great health care and all the things a pet deserves. I don't walk two feet with out someone right behind me and we are doing nothing for a few days but giving lots of love to these little dogs.

If ever you have a chance to befriend a poor abused animal, I can tell you the rewards far outweigh any work they create. My words to you are "go for it"

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Emily said...

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. I have such a big hug for you if we ever get to meet in person!