Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I needed some simple plain knitting and this surely fills the bill.  "The Wonderful Wallaby" by Cottage Creations.  I did this one for my grandson.  The yarn was absolutely wonderful.  Even better it came from my stash. I purchased this at a great yarn sale quite some time ago.  It is Lane Borgosesia  dal 1850 Knitaly.  My first experience with this yarn.  Wonderful is all I can say.  Easy to knit and oh so soft.  After I finished it I gave it a bath in "Soak".  Then this morning I asked the Grumbut to put it in a box and mail it for me.  When he was putting it in the box he even said "what yarn is this?  He thought it was so soft.  Louis will just love this one as he likes things that do not itch.  I think it is wonderful a nice washable wool.   I am thrilled I purchased all the store had and have plenty left for more projects.  I shall look for this yarn again.  

Now back to the packing and getting things ready to go.  I have 3 more days until Saturday and then it is into the car to knit and knit.  I can hardly wait.  However I am no where ready so must move along

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