Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I just might make it after all!

Things are moving along here at a brisk pace. I have finished making the cut out cookies with a hats off to Martha Stewart. She suggested rolling the dough out on a silicone sheet, covering the dough with clear plastic wrap. Now cut out the cookies, remove the waste dough around each cookie and slide the silicone sheet onto a metal baking sheet and bake. It was a glorious hint as there was no flour all over the kitchen and the cookies tasted the best ever. Now they go to the grandchildren who always decorate them on Christmas eve after dinner.

The croc socks are finished. I used the online pattern but found that they would be much to large if you followed the directions given. I dropped the needle to a 9 and they fit a man who wears a 10 shoe. Then I used a cast on of 28 stitches for the second pair and they fit a ladies size small. I may just need to make a pair of these for myself when all is quieter here.

Today on the list a little bit of wrapping and I mean very little. Then it is time to bake the biscotti. I have a son in law who says this is his favorite gift. I can not disappoint him. Last year I had foot surgery and there were no cookies or biscotti so I have to make up for all of that this year.

We leave tomorrow for a short trip to see Louis and Lillie and spend a few days of in my opinion pure joy. Even with 5 dogs, 1 cat and a guinea pig in the house.

My wish for all of you is a glorious holiday season and blessing in the new year.

Merry Christmas


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Emily said...

I tried your (and Martha's) cookie hint with the shortbread for Santa last night and it worked beautifully! Thank you for the tip. And very very very merry Christmas!