Monday, September 1, 2008

She's done it again!

My sweet friend and knitting guru has done it again! Every time I see the Beautiful project she's completed or the wonderful yarn she's using I just have to order it. So.......I now have in route the Wonderful Wallaby sweater pattern and since the site I used had so many cute things I also ordered yarn for a sweater pattern I got in Memphis and a pattern book for dog sweaters. There's so much available and so little time. Then I proceeded to order the lovely Halloween type yarn she displayed along with a nice Christmas yarn to knit socks. No matter if you know how to post a link Joan. We who love to knit and admire the guru's of knitting like yourself will find a way to serch out and purchase the yarns and beautiful patterns that you blog about.

Joan is on a wonderful trip right now. She's knitting like crazy and having the time of her life. She'll be back with wonderful posts and finished projects.

I can only say.......I want to be Joan when I grow up!!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

The wallaby looks like a fun pattern! It's been on my todosomeday list for a while.