Monday, August 25, 2008


After reading the Yarn Miracle where Emily question Michael on knitting stuff I decided to give my husband Dave (who the grand children call Grumbut). Makes it much easier as I have a son-in-law Dave.  So here we go.
J: What is  your favorite thing about my knitting?
G: What kind of question is that? Your professionalism
J: What don't you like?
G: The obsession and when you won't talk you are counting
J: What is something you recall as good?
G: All the ski sweaters
J: Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?
G: Now that is a loaded question but yes.
J: Do  you have any hobbies?
G: Certainly golf and fishing
J: Who spends the most on their hobby?
G: You do.
J: Have I ever embarrassed you by knitting in public?
G: No
J: Do you know my favorite kind of yarn?
G: Expensive!
J: Do you know the names of the blogs I read
G: No
J: Do you read my blog?
G: No
J: Do you mind my wanting to stop at yarn shops when we travel?
G: Yes it is a pain in the a--.
J: Do  you understand the importance of knitting a swatch
G: yes
J: Do you think the house would be cleaner if I did not knit?
G: No you would not clean it any way.

Now I found the answers to these questions most interesting.  You should all see what your hubby has to offer on the subject.  I really have enjoyed reading what other husbands have to day about our knitting.


pigbook1 said...

lol, there are some good ones there. I love reading the answers of other husbands too :-D

Emily said...

Oh wahahah! I love this meme! I also love your favorite kind of yarn :D

PS My Dad is a Michael and I married a Michael. It's nice to know other people do the same thing.