Friday, September 12, 2008


I am back home from the knitting vacation and will get with the contest shortly.  It was a grand trip and I shall have some great photos to post in a few days.  Get your guesses ready about what I did or did not complete.  You can post a guess as a comment on this blog.   I will do pictures and announce the finished projects next week towards the end.  You can also if you wish make guesses as to what items were not completed....

Now here is the scoop.  In 1958 when I was a high school senior in Council Bluffs, Iowa the family across the street from me hosted an exchange student.  As their children were small Paula who was from Finland became a dear friend.  We kept in touch after graduation for a while and then as these things so often do we lost touch.  When news arrived about the 50 year reunion and her name was on the missing list.  I was motivated to find her.  Thanks to the internet I did.  We have been communicating with email and live chats on Skype.  It has been wonderful.  Paula decided to fly to the reunion which is tomorrow.  Due to my recent trip to Minnesota I had to pass.  But here is the wonderful part.  Paula will arrive in Buffalo on Sunday and I will be there to meet her.  I can hardly wait.  I am going tomorrow to stay with a knitting friend and then pick Paula up in the afternoon.  We will all have dinner together and then she will spend a few days here with me.  

Those of you who have been long time blog readers here will remember the Paula mitten I designed in honor of her.  Now you will get to see the real Paula as well as what I knit for her to celebrate this glorious visit.  

Check in late next week for the update and pictures.  I have some wonderful ones from the vacation.

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Emily said...

Oh excellent fun! it is so nice to reconnect with folks!

I can't remember what I guessed before, but I think I stand by it...I try to always go with my gut about these things.