Saturday, December 20, 2008

Almost Ready

I have been very very busy. Now I am nearly ready. Just a pair and a half of croc socks to knit and a lace edge for a pillow case. I have one case finished. Hey I have until Tuesday. Knit faster is the motto. First about the tree. When I visit my daughter and grand children there will be 5 dogs in the house so I did a little tree all decorated with treats for them. Then there are the navy blue and white socks for our dear neighbors who asked for Penn State socks. I had Ruby Sapphire custom dye the yarn and I am most pleased.

Then the fingerless mitts. I actually have finished 3 pairs of these. I just did not have the other one ready for the phot.

Last but by all means not least are the socks that resulted from the yarn dying project over Thanksgiving. These are Miss Lillie's own colors. Bubble gum, cotton candy and blueberry. All of which she choose and did the dying. I was to knit the socks and make them I did. I think the colors came out great. Thanks to who ever thought up culinary colors as it sure is child friendly. I know she will love her socks.

The blue socks are the on line pattern for croc socks. I will admit they are larger than what the pattern states. They fit dear hubby as well as son in law. I dropped the needle size to a 9 and lengthened the foot. Now just perfect. I have one more pair to do and I will go down to a 6 needle I think for a ladies size. I don't feel I knit loosely but who knows at this time of year.

At any rate it is wild here. Packages are wrapped at this point and I have company coming for dinner tonight and a gift exchange as well as tomorrow for lunch.

Cookie baking is still on hold here.

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Emily said...

You can do it!

The doggie tree is a fantabulous idea! They will eat it to pieces. :D