Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It seems like yesterday when last I posted. My how time does fly. I have been busy knitting and doing a bit of sewing. Nothing all that exciting about the sewing. The knitting is in preparation for a class on Saturday in Rochester, NY. I will be teaching the Sami mitten at Spirit Works Knitting Store. I have previously posted the first mitten I knit after taking Susanna Hansson's wonderful class and reading the Piecework magazine. I felt this mitten to be a bit larger than I wanted for myself. Therefore I dropped the needle size and went to finer yarn and began again. This all worked out just fine. Here in lies what takes me so long. In order to teach a class I must write out directions, not just the little scribbles I use for myself. Then there are the charts as well. If there are two sizes of mittens it means two charts. I find it hard to believe how long it takes to get what is in ? I am teaching this mitten in two classes a month apart. Hey it is summer and there are so many things to do. This will give all of those participating plenty of time to get the pattern on the hand finished. Then we will move on to cuffs and thumbs. This is why the mitten shown is missing both of those parts.

I can't blog without showing you what a talented husband I have. He does the garden thing when I am knitting. I went outside a little while ago and snapped a few pictures for you to see. I kept thinking each day I would do this and then the rain arrived to beat the petals off all the flowers. This is only a portion of the yard he has done so beautifully. I do not garden but love the flowers.

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Pam said...

Hi Joan,
I'm not sure how I stumbled acroos your blog but I'm glad I did. I've been wondering what you have been up to. Leave it to you to be presenting a class on Roveniemi mittens already! I took the class from Susanna at Stitches East last year and have finished the wrislets with intentions of going on to mittens but I was side-tracked with Selbuvotter.