Monday, December 1, 2008


I am having the most wonderful time on my mini vacation. I am extending my Thanksgiving for a week and doing fun things with the grandchildren. Last night my daughter had the children dying sock yarn. It was great fun. How nice that the "Culinary Colors" dye is child safe. Lillie and Louis are dying sock yarn for special socks for Lillie's Godfather for Christmas. They dyed some other skeins as well. Kathy will knit up the special "God Father socks" and I shall do some of the others. It was great fun and we are now waiting for the yarn to dry. More pictures to follow. We are using the natural sock yarn from Knit Picks and this is something an entire family can be a part of. Note the garbage bag dying smocks on the children. My daughter was most creative with this. We had no spills or messes. Just a whole lot of fun and now to wait to knit.

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Emily said...

What a great idea for a project - and a wonderful Christmas present! The smocks are perfect and the sponge brushes are a grand idea. I am filing that one away for later